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Also the husband of the wife

They was frightened have come to help the man to rise from knees, to dump fetters and is proud to look afar. They are leaders of the Moscow Club the offended men (CLOD). Who has offended them? Certainly, women. According to members of the new organisation, these merzavki wanted to spit on all basic - from Shabby to New Covenants. And there it is clearly written: God has created Adam in his own image, and Eve is already then - from a unique bone of a skeleton in which there is no bone; Yes the wife of the husband " will be frightened;. And that`s that. It is possible not to give reason further.

now women stretch the lovely pads in the power and, pretending to be weak, get to itself more and more powers.

- allow! - I express doubts to the leader of movement Alexander Petrov. - something I have not noticed petticoat government in our power structures.

- in that is continually, - the fighter for the rights of men responds. - They influence a policy in the country through the husbands. That is a family (including it head ) For a long time women operate.

the CLOD theory is that. Our and European muzhiks have wallowed in cosy - family profannom happiness . 99 percent from them also do not suspect that davnym - for a long time them their women - wives, mistresses, sozhitelnitsy and so on manipulate. It will be purer than Masonic plot. It conducts all to machismo inflations and to infringement a sexual peace arrangement .

It a name - perfidy
So, according to the club charter in men more and more female, and in women - man`s. From - for it in the country constant crises and criminality revelry.

- we play muscles and we pose as shvartseneggerov though them we are not, - has depicted a present situation A.Petrov. - that is while obviously we lose.

- than they us take?

- They simulate obedience though as a matter of fact are aggressive. We before them are powerless. We think that all we can, and on most - that business a foot in a trap. Our freedom is strongly limited.

- prove, - I have asked, examining the feet.

- you Look narrowly also will see that any man is enslaved by the family. Depends on it. All wives - who in bolshej who to a lesser degree - manipulate the blagovernymi.

- So you do not resist?

- the Overwhelming majority of victims do not realise that are in servitude. And the others and make can nothing. Our legislation so is arranged that at divorce children remain with it. Yes it is fine children! Compare, how much court will solder in to the man the woman will receive for murder of the wife and how much for the same crime! And that It - the heap of researches confirms the initiator of the majority of family squabbles. It defines punishment.

what to do?
As to us to struggle with the enslaver? While at clubmen of recipes is not present. For their drawing up this structure also was organised. Consciousness of that the latent threat exists, already is, and as with it to struggle - still it is necessary to think.

it also is the first point of the program of struggle. As soon as the man with all correctness and chilling evidence (so in the charter. - Red.) Realises that it under an iron heel then, according to founders of movement, will solve from - under it to get out. The second point - formation of critical weight realised, ready to go on barricades and to dump a yoke. Just now leaders look for adherents of the doctrine in the largest cities of Russia. Further - cultivation of experts. They will acquire philosophy of club and to bear ideas in weights.

further - it is clear: to explain to weights, to let out the educational literature, to assist humiliated and offended, to give consultations and so on. The Main task - creation of favorable conditions for realisation of great mission of the man .

Personally I completely also have unconditionally countenanced only one point of the charter: We enough zrely also are prepared to solve our man`s problems in a joint feast .

Potential adherents and co-workers, associates and followers! If you have like the ideas set forth above or have simply reflected on life you can call leaders of club 461 - 87 - 79 or on electronic mail inexpert@public. mtu. ru.

the General chaotic processes find out obviously raznonapravlennye aggressive tendencies with an obvious prevalence of female centrifugal forces over man`s centripetal .

it is necessary to understand universal display As female aggression izvrashchenno - female, both at women, and at men including, all razmazanno - weak, it is persuasive - aggressive, it is foolish - silly and ineptly - silly in socially - political, socially - cultural, family and private life .

Female aggression usually acts in two principal views: stervozno - monotonous monotony or it is extreme - hysterical psihopatii .

have not undergone any changes morphological distinctions between the woman and the man living 300 thousand years ago, and modern people. To such opinion the Spanish scientists on the basis of archaeological researches have come. Within several years they studied in a place of Ataperka in the north of the country the most ancient as was considered, in Europe remains of the person. It is as a result established that the sexual dimorphism meaning a difference between growth and the size of a brain, remained almost same.

P. S. I, of course, understand that postulates of Club of the offended men, to put it mildly, are not indisputable. I think that to women that will tell. Therefore it is necessary to ask to speak to the main expert on sexual questions to Elena LEVINOJ. Tell it, the sister!
and she has told...

Children, stop to fool about, and that you so will be fond of man`s solidarity that also sexual orientation inadvertently will change. Then it will be exact your most terrible to us, poor things, revenge.

and if on business, that, misters, immediately rise from knees! Here if you spoke to us in love, then yes. And so what for to us pity, crying kolenopreklonennye men?

be not humiliated, be proud and then we to you will be pulled. In reply to your innocent party entertainments we will not create the party of the offended women. Though in our country there is no woman who would be not not offended by men. So it would be easier to us to think up to itself other country. But also we will not do it too, because where we without you - eternally crying, complaining and such defenceless?

2/ 3 quarrels begin NATURE RIDDLES of the wife
Having studied behaviour of many married couples, the Canadian scientists have come to a conclusion that two thirds of all quarrels inflame because of wives. It appears, all business in memory which at women is developed better, than at men. The wife becomes angry about the husband not only because it was late but also because the delay it has stirred up the angry feelings which have not calmed down in her soul, it appears, from the date of last delay. Possessing strong and rational memory, she anew has already endured feeling plus of emotion of the given minute.

and here the American scientists have come to a conclusion, to explain which, by their own recognition, yet in a status: more often spouses swear on Wednesday.

all men - cowards
Men, as a rule, do not want to notice the problems arising in relations with women. And their decision try to postpone for the uncertain future or simply to leave from it. Men, psychologists confirm, try to avoid an unpleasant situation. In an emergency furious lions turn to cowardly hares. So, some various types!

the cynic. If it likes the woman, he seldom considers that has met the lady of the dream. Pleasures are necessary to it only. If the woman, despite it, wants to make relations closer, it will find one thousand excuses.

the careerist. Love relations play his lives a small part. On the first place - work, a hobby. If the woman of much demands, panics.

affectionate. Does not want to lose the woman, but also is not going to marry it.

absorbed by the problems. For it there are only rational problems and there is no place to feelings. Therefore he waits that difficulties will be resolved by itself.

the promoter. Likes to flaunt in a role of the defender of widows and orphans. Composes and says lies not to destroy it the submitted hopes, if only not to make even more unfortunate the partner.

timid. Women for it - a riddle. He feels helpless at the sight of the crying or angered woman and in fear escapes.

the one who has already burnt. If the wife already suited its rows concerning change, it any more will not take a sincerity way.

self-satisfied. It is firmly convinced that can fulfil any promise. For vanity and vanity does not show weakness.

a hypocrite. It is not capable to stop the relation at once. Has got used to hide the opinion and the feelings. Prefers to disappear from time to time from life of the woman, waiting, while she will tell last word.

the compromiser. It is not assured of the feelings, therefore does not break off till the end of relations, leaving possibility for returning.

Protected. Is afraid of love and independence loss. The more it is loved by the woman, the more strongly he feels slavery and it becomes even cowardlier. Deceives, lies at least to save independence illusion.