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Experts are required. Payment in dollars

If on doors of your house there was suddenly an announcement: the Growing company types the personnel, the salary from 700 c.u. can not doubt - it is a question of network marketing.

that is trade by a principle from hand to hand or to reception of commission fee at the expense of involving in a pyramid of new people. Those who searches for work, know: nine of ten offers on employment proceed from such firms. In them it is occupied to 3 million Russians. The club of consumers begins the investigation, which purpose - to find out, a leah really to earn today on life, being engaged in network marketing, and what dangers to life and a purse this activity is fraught.

to spin networks - employment of homemakers?
we Will make a reservation at once: we in the 100-th time will not write about the Herbalife - about such marketing did not hear unless in remote villages.

Meanwhile in the world - about 4 thousand only the large companies which trade by a principle from hand to hand their turn exceeds 300 billion dollars. Such way kitchen knickknacks, inexpensive cosmetics and costume jewellery, books - in general, the consumer goods calculated on average homemakers successfully are on sale. Do not disdain services of distributors and whales traditional business: Microsoft, Coca - Cola, Palmolive, Colgate and others.

as shows world experiment, network marketing is simply doomed to prosper in the countries where unemployment among " is great; white collars - people with good education. And now estimate, what prospects at this business in Russia, where half-starved engineers, doctors and teachers - millions!

that in a reality?
a variant 1.
With import cosmetics it is easy to burn through
to Become the distributor of import cosmetics of Julja has solved after training on personal growth where in the end of a course to it and have offered this work. Prospects looked shining. Recruiters promised high earnings and fast career growth. Soon, however, it was found out that Peter`s good few where the vein of Julja, by then already tried to earn on life, selling or cosmetics Mary Kej or Oriflejm . And the remained half on lipstick for 12 dollars did not have money.

- type firms Mary Kej in due time have managed to rise on deficiency of cosmetics and our habit to buy the good goods privately, from - under floors - considers Julja. - Now people with money prefer to shop in firm shop, and who does not have money on Revlon or L Oreal cannot buy and Mary Kej . As a result I almost have sold nothing, and back the goods did not take...

according to experts, time of firms the western sample trading in all ladies` features has ended with crisis. After it import consumer goods for homemakers in Russia became on a pocket unless business - lady who do not need consumer goods. Therefore in job searches it is not necessary to be bought on a known name of firm and beautiful packing of the goods: there is a chance to smear and native the creams bought for resale for the rest of the life...

a variant 2.
do not sell Chanel butts
Maxim has got to network marketing under the announcement the psychologist " is required to Firm;. The company name consisted of any abbreviation and a word Interneshnl and it extended spirits. As confirmed in firm, purely French. The firm supposedly buys perfume of known stamps - type Chanel and Hjugo the Boss - in butts directly at manufacturers, and spills them in Russia in container easier - that it turned out more cheaply. And psychologists are necessary, that it is better to explain it to mistrustful buyers.

have not beaten Maxim only by miracle. He has sold a little cheap flakonchikov to one thrifty aunt, and that has returned with advanced as regards perfumery it is possible to smear what place with the daughter who has explained, SHanelju from Interneshnl ...

According to tax departments, grey network firms - very characteristic variant for our days. They, as a rule, also hang out announcements it are required to Firm... with salary instructions in c.u. Keep in mind: if the western network companies basically operate legally, at homebrew Firms - a something ephemeral on the goods are not present conformity certificates, documents. And the goods - bad quality consumer goods or fakes. But time in five - ten is cheaper firm, on what some till now peck . In general to try it is possible to earn, of course, but be ready to troubles.

a variant 3.
Called in club? Do not get to a pyramid!
Here some years employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs face the same scheme otema money at the population. In Moscow and other big cities of Russia have appeared international business - clubs . Behind the majority of them - Atlantis Astran the Titan the Renaissance the Phoenix Contact and etc. - there were same organizers.

clubs bribed an ostentatious elitism (it is invited not all!) Also offered fabulous earnings. But at first the entrance fee - some thousand dollars is necessary. It is necessary to hire new members " further; club . And from their payments to receive commission fee.

though also to a hedgehog it is clear that it is a question of a financial pyramid, klubmeny have collected to earn from interested persons Russians approximately 60 million dollars. The scenary plan of meetings club on processing beginners it was developed by psychologists and cost an order of 15 thousand dollars.

be careful: apparently, at atlantov - piramidostroitelej there are followers. Recently we in edition were called by the woman which to enter in similar club have offered... In bureau on employment.

the Idea of network marketing has arisen in States and was simple, as an orange. It is known that ohotnee all people buy things which extol their acquaintances. Here to consumers also began to offer commission fee in case the goods will buy also their friends. To the last, in turn, also promise commission fee, if they it is set the goods further. Authorship of this scheme attribute to American Charles Renborgu who has based in the thirties of the last century first network company California Vitamins.

In the seventies in America struggle against financial pyramids has begun. Has got and setevikam . Against the American network company Amway largest at that point in time have raised action of proceeding. It has been as a result recognised that network marketing and pyramids - things all - taki different.

nevertheless activity of network firms in the USA and in the European countries is regulated by numerous laws. In particular, in the law on network marketing there is a concept the cooling period . During this time the buyer who has realised uselessness of the got thing ( having grown cold To it), have the right to return without any explanations the goods to the seller.

In the following number fatties we will more in detail tell about how to distinguish network kidalovo from firm from which it is possible to work. If to you is what to tell on this subject, if you have thrown or, on the contrary, you managed to grow rich, working in network marketing, write to us on arakel or call by phone (095 257 - 50 - 60.