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Killers shoot capital officials

- As on Ivan Franko`s street to drive? - It is asked the inspector of the traffic police studying the rights stopped a Zhiguli .

- In prefecture? To ubiennomu? Yes you will be not not passed by anybody, - the militiaman gloomy responds.

already at nine o`clock, in fifteen minutes after at a building of prefecture of the Western administrative district of capital three shots have sounded, territory have completely surrounded. Pjatachok asphalt where even two hours Sergey Balashova`s body lay, have surrounded it is red - a striped tape. Have exposed militian fasts. Employees timidly looked out of prefecture windows, observing of vanity of militia and journalists.

the first bullet of killers has not touched Sergey Balashova. It raskolotila a prefecture window, to death having frightened employees. The others have hit the mark.

that this murder custom-made, does not doubt anybody. Two young men waited a victim before the beginning of the working day.

- Such imperceptible, are similar to usual visitors, - small witnesses describe murderers. - apparently, the package polyethylene held one.

in 8. 45 on a path at prefecture the official car of the assistant to the prefect has stopped. Sergey Balashov has slammed a door and has gone to an input to a building. During this moment two guys have approached to it behind and have three times shot from a pistol of Makarova with the muffler. Two bullets have got the deputy the prefect to a head.

it is surprising, but murderers did not have a car, according to the same witnesses. Having thrown a pistol, they have run towards Rublevsky highway. Probably, transport not to be shone on small pjatachke at prefecture, stood where - that nearby.

the Pistol and that polyethylene package in which it have brought, managed to be found militias at once. A bit later one black glove was found out also.

- woollen, - inspectors, - " sighed; fingers you will not remove.

Only through an hour and a half frozen journalists the main public prosecutor of capital Michael Avdjukov has given three minutes.

- Sergey Balashov has been wounded by two shots in a head one of which has appeared deadly. Criminal case under Criminal code article 105 - " is brought; a premeditated murder .

Hospital attendants Fast have laid Sergey Balashova`s body on a stretcher. On asphalt remained lonely to lie a black cap of the victim.

at 45 - summer Sergey Konstantinovicha Balashova there was a wife, the daughter and the son from first marriage.

mayor Yury LUZHKOV:
- I knew this person. It was modest, but with a firm position and basic. Most likely, this adherence to principles also caused wild and barbarous murder. And the precondition of its steel any business problems. Possibly, Balashov to someone has not resolved something or if it is possible so to be expressed, to someone has attacked a tail concerning the coordination of new building and land tenure.

who was disturbed by Sergey Balashov?
Under the basic version of the investigation, Sergey Balashova`s murder is connected with its office activity. The official supervised questions of building, land tenure and the housing policy. The western district remains to one of the most prestigious areas of capital, therefore is not excluded that attempt is connected with place distribution under building. According to the chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Vladimir Pronin, in Office of Public Prosecutor there was the affairs connected with zemleotvodami and building in the Western district. All of them, and also corresponding orders of the first persons of this prefecture will be carefully studied by a consequence, he has noted.

under other version, Sergey Balashova could eliminate in connection with its second work partly connected with the Moscow government. The matter is that since November, 1998 Sergey Konstantinovich was included into the joint-stock company supervisory board the Building savings company (SSK), created by the governmental order of Moscow. Society opening was included into the plan of the city program of reconstruction of five-floor available housing and building new, with use of the mechanism of mortgage lending. Thus it was supposed to improve living conditions of Muscovites, without attraction of means of the city budget . Actually all constructed habitation of 37 percent left to persons included in a waiting list, the rest was considered as habitation commercial. Judging by that activity SSK has been recognised by successful, money in it was found much.

Now all field services of a city are connected to search of murderers of the assistant to the prefect of the Western administrative district. It is created joint operatively - an investigation team where inspectors of Office of Public Prosecutor, field investigators of the capital Municipal Departments of Internal Affairs and UFSB have entered.