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The teacher has died in an office of the mayor

“ For daughter`s dream I will give all... “
Her daughter this year leaves school. Irinka - the present talent, dreams to arrive on design faculty in one of Irkutsk high schools. But training costs the expensive. And they with mother and so saved on all. Svetlana`s husband has died seven years ago.

- I will give all, if only my girl studied, - Svetlana spoke to acquaintances. Small, fragile, she gave all the best on the full. In public always live, cheerful. And itself at times underate secretly from the daughter.

the saving idea was thrown by the girlfriend: “ And you in the mayoralty descend. After all at us the whole brood of capable children studies at the expense of area. Thy than worse? “

and Svetlana has registered in reception to the mayor of Sljudjansky area into whom the city of Baikalsk enters.

since the morning with a daughter two oil-cloth folders have prepared. In one have combined Irinkiny drawings. In another - laudable reading and writing and school diplomas. Have got up courage and have gone. To the people in a reception a great lot has jammed. It was necessary to wait long. When the turn has approached, nerves at Svetlana were on a limit. Has quickly come into an office. Has spread out papers. Has had time to say only: “ Hello, my daughter this year ends the eleventh class... “ also has fallen.

- I have not had time to understand at all, what`s happened, - the mayor of area Ljubov Kornejchuk tells. - Ira has cried. I have rushed to the motionless woman. Began to call to the aid. Has tried “ to pump out “. The others have come running, including the doctor on duty. Has looked at it and at once has told: “ It is useless “.

As physicians have defined, Svetlana Gordeyev has died instantly. From heart attack. She was 36 years old. Doctors still advised one year ago to it to leave school. Heart has been worn absolutely out.

on a mayor table and remained to lie folders with Irishkinymi pictures.

“ I am guilty in death of mum... “
next morning the Baikal teachers have refused to conduct lessons and have dismissed children. Before it have collected them in classes and declared: “ Today - day of mourning “. Children at all were not delighted to premature vacation. Small town small. Svetlana Gordeyev knew and loved. Nobody wanted suit school discos and to potter with freaky youth. And it undertook - let hang out under supervision is better. From 12 - j schools gave in to the big authority of the small teacher even the most abrupt hooligans.

- we have cancelled lessons also in protest at delays of the salary and that humiliating position in which teachers are put, - has explained to us the chairman of city trade union of educators Ljubov Shagalova. - Has become painful! We learn children to be proud and strong while themselves such we do not feel.

- the generation of those who has come to school in the seventieth Will leave, - Ljubov Shagalova sighs. - And who it is necessary to learn children? Even to think of it it is terrible.

passions in provincial small town are heated. Teachers are adjusted resolutely: until will receive money, for work do not leave. But the regional budget is undermined by the jumped up prices for fuel for boiler-houses...

and Irinka after death of mother has become isolated. Same small and fragile as Svetlana, became similar to a shade. Lives on tablets and pricks. Almost does not speak. Cries and blames in  destruction of mum: “ It from - for me happens. If not this damned study... “ from Chelyabinsk on funeral has arrived 78 - the summer grandmother. While she will live together with the grand daughter. The Baikal inhabitants do not cease to be surprised to strange coincidence: Svetlana Gordeyev has died this very day, as her husband, - on October, 31st.

buried Svetlana on Saturday. All expenses on took the authorities. Teachers and pupils have raised money for Iry. The mayor has promised that the area will pay study of the girl in high school. However, now Irinka can arrive and is free. As the orphan. Svetlana all - taki has achieved the. At the cost of the life...