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All vacation children will spend at the TV

the Gift to autumn vacation has prepared for schoolboys of RTR.

on November, 5th the special program " here begins; hurrah! Vacation! . For the first time on the channel have collected the fullest collection of the best children`s cartoon films and the feature films created on film studios of the country for last 25 years of the last century. All of them also will be shown within a week along with already fallen in love western animated cartoons and children`s programs of own manufacture. Among them both Rowe`s fairy tales, and Leonid Nechaeva`s musical stories.

the animated program - from " is especially full presented; Well, pogodi! to Disney`s masterpieces. Films - and not to count! Here and Ilya Muromets and Autumn bells and Djujmovochka and Secret of the third planet and Adventures of Solnyshkina and many other things.

When on RTR have started to count up names, it has appeared that autumn vacation simply will not suffice. Therefore pleasure to schoolboys have decided to prolong also on winter, and for the spring. And can be, it is necessary to grasp a part of summer also. Thus, the single week action has every chance to outgrow in a full children`s cycle.