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Why to Russia killers shoot at rich husbands?

last ten years in Petersburg which name criminal capital were fruitful as regards custom-made murders.

and consequently it is a city of magnificent epitaphs and beautiful young widows. They quickly quit the stage, on which they so not for long could shine thanks to money and position of husbands. The world inconsiderately turns to them a back c feeling of vague gloating which call all kings for a day .

And really who is stirred with widows killed new Russian ? It after all not worthy pity of the widow of submariners or the officers who have lost in the Chechen Republic to which the inhabitant is always ready to stretch if not a help hand, then a handkerchief. Who they, these new widows ? Professional stinkers in identical, precisely uniform, the mink fur coats, successfully descending in marriage? Or a victim whom from a birth the fatal destiny has dropped out? Also what occurs to an ivy when the oak round which it was twisted, has failed?

the widow of the official Marina

- Club of professional widows? - Marina Manevich, the widow vitse - the governor of Michael Manevicha looks at me with irony. - as you represent it to yourselves? A black uniform, portraits of the killed husbands on walls in mourning frames, representation of the newly-baked widow soratnitsam: And here our new girl-friend! and about what to speak? What to discuss? You forgive me for irony, but the black humour has helped me to survive after murder of Mishi.

About Marina Manevich in a city stir much and with big pleasure. After murder of such outstanding person what was the chairman of Committee on management of the state property Michael Manevich, the muddy wave of hearings and conjectures at once has risen. There were people who have counted up that has left - de Michael to the widow millions and a heap of invaluable antiques that hostel Europe belongs to Marina Manevich through figureheads... More shortly, languages worked with might and main.

- I always joked that Misha married me by calculation, - Marina remembers. - I had a good apartment where I lived together with parents. In the same place after wedding Misha has lodged also. Amicably lived all family before murder of Mishi. There I also remained. Any houses and apartments has not acquired. And gossips? I have got used to them. It was the custom-made murder of the official of such scale first in the country. Then as if a red ribbon cut.

in that morning on August, 18th, 1997 all was, as usual. Michael gathered for work and has decided to throw the wife to its office. In the car was three - the driver, Marina and Michael.

shot from a house window on the Neva prospectus. Marina remembers everything as in slow-motion shot, - as car glasses as tormentingly slowly it fell on a floor unboundedly long broke, yet without understanding that is wounded, as hot and wildly its mad heart deafened by a shot as Michael last time has shouted beat: Marina! I then spoke to his mother: do not become angry for this shout . The first sigh your, last mine .

She could not realise in any way that it is dead, and tried to clamp a finger an artery on its chest from which beat blood. It was amazed with strange, stupid silence of the crowd which have gathered in the street. I shouted: a leah Is here the doctor? Somebody! Help! the militiaman has approached to it and has stretched a pure handkerchief with words: I saw such in the Chechen Republic. Do not touch the person, press a scarf . She yet did not understand that a splinter to it cut off a nose tip that at it the artery is torn pahovaja that, speaking language of criminal reports, at it tangents bullet wounds of a head and hands and plural fragmental wounds .

That was then? Sharp fear when you feel that from each window in you aim. sometimes in the sleep I give a hand to that party of a bed where Misha always slept, I search for it, and there - emptiness .

Marina struggled with fear on - to the. Once has asked inspectors who ran business of her husband, to take away it on a shooting range (Marina - the inveterate marksman, is engaged in it from 13 years). There I took the automatic machine in hands, have shot two full small horns and have felt, as something has released .

And now, after four years, Marina lives with It, dead, than with us, live more. When I have called by it the first time to phone and, vainly looking for delicate words, have asked it to tell about the life after tragedy, she has responded: Instead of was anything after. All interesting and bright was then. And now all has come to an end .

the Widow of businessman Vlad

About Vlad Chervonjuk, the widow of large businessman Oleg Chervonjuka, its acquaintances spoke to me: It will be pleasant to you. A magnificent witch . Indeed there is something magical in its very transparent eyes behind black eyelashes, in its disarming fragility and the narrow, maiden hips which have given birth to three children. Was born Vlad in Komsomolske - on - the Cupid, in an intelligent family and right after schools has left to study to Leningrad in Academy of Arts as art criticism faculty. There and then, in Leningrad, its fellow countryman studied - boy Oleg whom she knew for a long time, for a long time has demented, but it is not enough about that cared. The main employment young Vlads was to flit. And it flitted, and has then returned to native Komsomolsk - on - the Cupid where it was arranged with the critic in a local museum. Soon she has successfully married, has given birth to two children and has begun to live the quiet, arranged life with that equal temperature of happiness which almost irritates.

and boy Oleg has appeared not absolutely ordinary boy. It desperately fought for success and once has made leap of the poverty world in the world of unlimited possibilities, having created firm the Underground - a press supervising all trade in the periodical press in the underground (this business, by the way, has appeared the present pot of gold in Peter). In passing he has had time to marry and make the child, but on - former always carried with itself a tiny photograph Vlads.

and here Oleg again appeared in a native city, that if and not to combine success trophies to beloved feet then to take them before her eyes. From the moment of their first meeting has passed ten years. Vlad has hardly learnt this new Oleg - strong and integral. All between them happens in few days. When Oleg has returned in Peter, Vlad took two children and has jerked to it. The Family has considered an act Vlads as time insanity. Unique who has supported it in this madness, there was its own husband who a broad gesture has given it freedom. Has terribly nobly arrived. And as it was found out later, has not lost.

Vlad not from those who is ready to share. Having arrived, it has there and then delivered to Oleg the ultimatum: night on conversation with the wife and the decision of all problems. the mistress I to you will not be. If you do not come to me to four o`clock in the morning, consider that between all of us it is terminated . It has come... Without fifteen four. Further all developed under laws a soap opera . They have promptly got married and have given birth to one more child. Thus Oleg has adopted two children Vlads from first marriage, has dragged From Komsomolska - on - the Cupid in Peter of its former husband, motivating it with that children should see the present father, and has given it work (!) At itself in firm. Both men simply competed in nobleness. Beautiful history, oh, damn!

further all sank in happiness while in one day full of inevitability, Oleg has not made the fatal decision: to finish quantity of the actions to 51 percent, thoroughly having moved the partners, and to copy actions on Vlad and her mother. Business remains for small, there were no someone`s signatures, but in the morning on October, 31st, 1999 when Oleg together with the brother left the house, they were shot. To it 31 year, and to the brother 25 was executed. Vlad till now transpasses through a blood pool on a floor at an entrance which for a long time have washed up, but for it it as is real, as in that black day. And more to it never to forget a smell - a smell of pomaded, ice and already another`s person in a coffin, and someone`s hands push her to it to leave last kiss.

- why in this country shoot husbands? - Tells Vlad. - Yes because always count on that women - silly women with children on hands cannot win the inheritance. Me counted long before murder: intelligent, in the points, all life in museums works, such at once will lay down on a bottom.

by words Vlads, to it were at once after murder with a ready package of documents on which there were all necessary signatures. Under documents she owned 51 percent of shares. Thus to it it has been told: Arrive, as you wish, but nobody will protect you . During Vlad`s that moment has been too frightened by life to enter struggle. And who would not be frightened?

to tell the truth, I was afraid, - tells Vlad, - and I cry now for the cowardice. I have returned this package, the hands have given the inheritance of children. But first with me have managed on - good, in every possible way cajoled, played nobleness, some months paid the large sum of money for life. And then I was involved in unbounded litigation for the inheritance and have faced the same problems what widows " face; new Russian . There is an inheritance, but there is no money for lawyers and a legal cost to receive it. There is a house, but there is no possibility to issue it duly or to pay the mad tax... I do not complain, thousand people live worse, than I. While I passed through all judicial instances, I have got acquainted with other widows, many of them in awful position. I even have an idea to create something like the organisation of widows, whose husbands were lost from hands of killers where to them would support - from legal to psychological. To struggle alone it is difficult .

the Widow of drug dealer Nadja

I have heard This history in the Hollywood nights - The Petersburg night club where check tables about listening twice a day, popular in public of a different grade, from bandjukov and expensive prostitutes to rather dear, solid people coming here for business negotiations.

Nadja was on appointment to me without delay, precisely schoolgirl on a lesson. If to wash off a make-up from this pretty expensive nineteen-year doll, it and will look the schoolgirl. Only not on age the rigid sight gives out its knowledge of black aspects of life. Not the widow. The bride of the killed narcobusinessman.

Nadja has got acquainted with tridtsatitrehletnim Vladimir Fadeevym (the surname is changed) when to it it was executed fifteen years. Has simply sat down to it in the car in the country when stayed with the grandmother. Vladimir was known all around, and which - that heard Nadja about it. Said that the man it strong, a dark occupation, with the big money, and once it has killed the person.

- And you has not frightened, what it, perhaps, the murderer?

- that you, no! I was drawn always by the unusual persons capable of an act.

- and what it was twice more senior you?

- well, my present partner is more senior me three times. That for a misfortune! And then, Vladimir was my best lover, - seriously tells Nadja.

And I there and then estimate, how much at nineteen-year Nadi was lovers.

- and he did not try to place you on drugs?

- is not present. Sometimes only, for a high, in bed. Drugs were for business, instead of for overindulgence.

all the most bad happens in February of this year when Vladimir`s mobile phone has ceased to respond. Nadja some days called, yet have not heard someone`s voice in a tube: Vladimir is not present " more;.

Its body have found in the country, in a left car. The murderer has tried to burn a corpse, but was not in time, too hurried up. Then it left on road, has caught poputku, has killed the owner of the car who have left in shop behind bread, and has left in a city. Nadja even on funeral was afraid to go, has wailed over the first love silently.

- now I know, - she speaks, - it is necessary to work over itself not to fall in love. I study in much at the new lover, attentively I listen and I know that money should turn, work. My hour will come, and I will create the business, I the unusual person. And with coevals to me it is uninteresting.

Nadja sits before me - such young, full of hopes which, I am afraid, partly were already carried out. And I think of what drawing shine people from the criminal world possess. Women blindly reach for them, such impetuous and brave, forgetting that the big trees always draw a lightning which will strike sooner or later.

Nadja has still got off light, - the women who have contacted gangsters, for ever remain in a pack. If their beloved is killed, they pass from hands to hands to its companions (so is found) if the husband or the promoter has sat down, they rush with peredachkami and go on appointments.

pretty little girls at Crosses the well-known Petersburg prison, are on duty day and night. In the afternoon they try to catch a bullet (the note which has been started up through a newspaper tube with a grain crumb for increase of weight), and at night when cars few also it becomes silent, try dokrichatsja to the. A show sad and touching. Cemeteries and prisons are those places where almost tangible there is a vague belief in the cruel law of indemnification.

whom reserve in Russia?

According to the Interpol, on the average across Russia it is made about 600 custom-made murders in a year. By data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, only for the last half a year is already made 249 from which it is opened only nine. The basic victims zakazuhi there are basically businessmen, officials and politicians, and also objectionable to a crime police officers, Office of Public Prosecutor and other law enforcement bodies. 80 percent of custom-made murders are made from fire-arms.


Only from the beginning of October of this year custom-made murders are made:

on October, 4th in Vladivostok the director of sanatorium " is shot; Pacific Michael Bedak.

on October, 19th on parking place in Volgodonsk Paul Zubkov and two its security guards are shot from the automatic machine the deputy of a municipal duma.

on October, 30th in Makhachkala the vice-president of the Public gathering of republic Dagestan Arsen Kammaev and the chairman of Dagestan branch Promstrojbanka Abdulhalik Musaev have been shot.

on November, 7th in the city of Kiselevsk of the Kemerovo region, in 50 metres from own house, unknown have shot the chief executive of mine Krasnokamensky 46 - summer Nikolay Tolstyh.

on November, 17th in Novokuznetsk from a pistol and a fowling piece sawn-off shotgun have shot the vice-president of a local broadcasting company

35 - summer Oleg Vedenina when he early in the morning left restaurant.

on November, 26th in settlement Vrangelja under the Find have killed 52 - the summer general director

joint-stock company East port Leonid Bochkova.

on December, 2nd in settlement Iridescent the Kolomna area of Moscow Region the candidate of Moscow regional Duma Alexander Babushkin is shot.