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Severodvinsk Father Frost has stolen the Penza Snow Maiden

Want believe, want is not present, but on New Year`s Eve miracles meet!

the jury estimating participants of the second Olonetsky games of Fathers Frost, has missed a chance. Whatever one may do, super - Gran - at has got to the mightiest Frost from Severodvinsk to Vladimir Lepihinu: it has left home not one, and with Natasha Mashentsevoj - the Snow Maiden, the beauty Penza.

- hallo, mum, it you? Soon there will be houses, - Natasha from Olonets called to parents to Penza.

later it contacted the house some more time - that of Petrozavodsk, from St.-Petersburg, from Moscow. And suddenly...

- I in Severodvinsk...

- and there you what frost has brought?

- Severodvinsk, - faltering, Natasha responded. - I in marriage leave!

mum was in shock.

the Penza Snow Maiden has got acquainted for the first time with Severodvinsk Father Frost on November, 30th when the Russian Grandfathers have gathered in Olonets to meet the first day of winter. Love at first sight?! I call to Severodvinsk.

- Natasha to me has attracted at once, - the enamoured voice on that end of a wire, - fragile, gentle has thundered...

Afterwards for the promised Natasha has taken the call:

- It - present. Bolshego happiness to me not to find.

relations young promptly developed in the face of all dedmorozovskogo kingdoms. As have told, interrupting each other, Volodja and Natasha, Frosts tried very much. That in a dining room a sweet couple will plant near will imperceptibly disappear, having left enamoured alone. The Severodvinsk Grandfather needed to do nothing how to offer the perfect Snow Maiden a hand and heart - it has not refused.

And here the Snow Maiden has replaced native Penza with three-room apartment in the city centre of Severodvinsk. Now the young rehearse a honeymoon. Ahead New year, works in a frosty kingdom too much. That is why it not before wedding. Officially relations Father Frost with the Snow Maiden have decided to issue exactly a year later, in the first day of winter, on Fathers Frost third games in Olonets. To whom will have the luck to become witnesses - it is not known, but all Russian Fathers Frost will walk on wedding. Eh, and namorozjatsja!


Father Frost - Vladimir Lepihin - in 40 years at growth of 187 centimetres weighs 200 kgs. To the Snow Maiden - Natalia Mashentsevoj - only 26. Unlike the future spouse it small and fragile: its growth of 160 centimetres, and weight of 50 kgs. During free time from a frosty kingdom he is a manager of one of business concerns, she is a director of the Penza centre of culture and leisure. By the way, the Snow Maiden - the person very hazardous. Thus to it always carries.

Poet Evgenie Evtushenko too has met the wife in Kareliya

Not only Severodvinsk Father Frost has found the happiness in Kareliya. About ten years ago the young student has approached to poet Evgenie Evtushenko at a meeting with readers on the Karelian television medfaka and has stretched the collection of its verses to receive the autograph. Beauty severjanki and its poetic soul Evtushenko on the spot have struck. In the same evening he has found for Masha Novikovu by phone and has offered it a hand and heart. Acquaintance, naturally, has ended with marriage. And the first verses, which Evtushenko one of the collections opens, begin so:

Kareliya to me has presented Masha,

Similar to a sailing mast.

Olga MIMMIEVA. (- Petrozavodsk ) .

That such Olonetsky games?

Fathers Frost Olonetsky games is an idea of spouses Gennady and Tatyana Otstavnihinyh. The former Muscovites has amazed, how much talents the small provincial small town can hide in itself, and they have conceived to make of it the All-Russia celebrity. Olonetsky games have received in 2000 sorosovsky the grant, and already the first festival on December, 1st, 2000 has been held.

the purpose of games - to reveal most - most dedmorozistogo the Grandfather. Organizers are assured that actually the native land of the Christmas Grandfather - the Karelian city of Olonets, therefore here they meet a second year the first day of winter, are measured by sharpness and force, and the main thing - amuse children.

ROMANOV`S Anna. (- Petrozavodsk ).
Alexey SMIRNOV. (- Petrozavodsk ).