Rus News Journal

Leah in a sufficient measure the Russian mass-media shine the events occurring on the post-Soviet territory?

Stanislav SHUSHKEVICH, eks - the chairman of the Supreme body of Belarus:

- Normally shine. I do not complain. And irritates, when that occurs in Belarus, journalists - impershchiki write. Belarus is represented to them paradise on the earth - articles simply, as the Soviet propaganda materials.

Konstantin ZATULIN, the director of Institute of the CIS countries:

- Last 10 years we did not have an intelligent policy in new abroad. Therefore is not present either normal public opinion on this bill, or the sensible press. The new abroad is the earth full of secrets. Much occurs not how we would like. In Ukraine do not want to give to Russian the state status though on it speaks the majority of the population. And the more we concede, the appetites and less respect for us more grow.

Maria ARBATOV, the writer:

- At all do not shine. If we want to hear, feel each other we have the right to know all about life in the CIS.

Ashot dzhazojan, the secretary general of the International confederation of the journalistic unions:

- Yes zero illumination! From the Independent newspaper with Tretjakovym the wonderful strip " has left also; the CIS . From a teleether the program " was gone; the World - a unique information product of the post-Soviet territory. And transfer leaves on all national channels of the CIS countries except for Russia.

Karen SHAKHNAZAROV, the general director Mosfilm :

- Disintegration of the USSR and creation of the CIS is, perhaps, the most important event in the twentieth century. To anniversary of those events have given not enough attention. As well as ten years ago, nobody has taken an interest in Gorbachev`s opinion, and he, probably, could tell much. All listened only to one party, initiators of creation of the CIS, and the former allied management have forgotten.

Leonid RADZIHOVSKY, a magazine observer Results :

- the Policy of the Russian mass-media in this question is very similar to a policy of the Russian management. Affairs of the CIS consider as a boring duty., Of course, it is more interesting to diplomats to fly to Vatican and Australia, than to Kirghizia and Uzbekistan. And among our brother few the qualified experts in this question.

Vartan TAGONJAN, the president Euroasian media - groups:

- insufficiently also it is flowed round. Publications appear only if there is an information occasion: important actions, excesses. Today is not present either specialised media - structures, or directions in newspapers on these subjects. Publications - a drop in the sea. Though it is a lot of problems: compatriots, thermal power station, frontier questions...

Alexander ANIKEEV, the chief executive of tennis club of CSKA:

- to Shine - that shine, but anybody plainly does not know till now the main underlying reason of education of the CIS. I read materials from the CIS between lines. Because in these countries I happen itself and I know a situation not on newspaper notes.

Nikolay TRAVKIN, the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation:

- On me - it is quite enough. The picture of mutual relations of the former republics, and nowadays the states, is. If to this problem it was given more attention, only would be worse. It calls painfull reaction the senior generation. All time would decay...