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To whom do the Nobel winners bow?

each awarded has made three prostrations: to royal family, academicians and a hall

Delivery of Nobel Prizes is not Oscar and not Nika . Here nobody waits with a sinking heart, whose name will appear in treasured konvertike. Names of winners became known in October. We will remind, awards in capital of Sweden this year have received:

- American Leland Hartuell and Englishmen Timoti Hunt and Pol Nerz (a nomination physiology and medicine ). Researches of tumours of a brain at molecular level which will help with early diagnostics of a cancer;

- scientists from the USA William Nouls, Barry Sharpless and Japanese Ruodzhi Nojori ( chemistry ) . They have developed medicines for treatment of illness of Parkinsona, and also harmless antibiotics and warm preparations;

- Eric Kornell, Charles Uejman (they are Americans) and Wolfgang Ketterle from Germany ( physics ). They managed to come into a new fortune of substance - a condensate of Boze - Einstein that is light in a liquid state;

- three more Americans George Akerlof, Michael Spens and Joseph Stiglits ( economy ) . Working out of mathematical methods for the analysis of a market situation;

- writer Vidjadharu Najpol who was born on Trinidad (literature). Its last product Over belief it is devoted Islamic fundamentalism.

a Nobel Prize of the world unlike the others hand over in Oslo (such is Alfred Nobel`s will). The Norwegian Nobel committee has awarded to its United Nations and its head Kofi Annan.

Jores ALFYOROV, the winner - 2000: the Dress coat to me have sewed in Ivanov

Perhaps, for the first time for hundred years delivery of the well-known awards in Stockholm and Oslo has been connected with such precautions. The winner of the award of the World of this year of the secretary general of the United Nations Kofi Annan have managed to damn both Osama bin Laden, and leading Israeli politicians. And old nobelevtsa the group of colleagues - winners has demanded Arafat to deprive of an award. Over Oslo during ceremony of rewarding by the World award even fighters - interceptors were on duty.

for the organisation of celebrations in Sweden from the state budget it is spent one and a half million dollars that twice exceeds the usual annual sum. Still a half-million have thrown different sponsors. Tickets for the Nobel feast cost 180 dollars.

the Nobel ceremony occurs under rigid regulations. In the Concert hall of Stockholm all beau monde, even kings, princes and princesses gathers. Invitations here - nominal, with threefold degree of protection - that anybody superfluous has not filtered. To misters it is necessary to be indispensable in dress coats, to ladies - in evening dresses of light tones. The place of honour - to the right of the Swedish queen Silvii (the place at the left is occupied by her spouse, king Charles XVI Gustav).

the Winner needs to make three prostrations: to royal family, the Swedish academy of Sciences and a hall. Then to approach to the central circle designated by letter N, not earlier, but also not later, than the king there will approach.

at ceremony it is necessary to be in a dress coat. To the winner - to 2000 Jores Alfyorov the small Ivanovo firm has made a dress coat.

by the way, last year Russia looked at ceremony rather adequately: the wife of our winner in Jores Alfyorov`s physics has been recognised by most elegant of all Nobel the spouse! Jores Ivanovich has arrived to Stockholm and this year.

first-year student Baumanki is invited to celebrations to Stockholm

Anton Odnovolov - baumanets in third generation. Its grandfather Vladislav Petrovich - the first inventor in a family, a Dr.Sci.Tech., the professor. The father and mum too have ended this high school.

the young genius became the engineer in three years when by means of a screw-driver has accurately turned off all handles from the bottom boxes of cases. To top simply has not reached. And here at school Anton studied so-so: the four three . Only when began to prepare in Baumanku, has reflected on a science. It was converted into the program the Step to the future . To it have given a subject for scientific work, and Anton under the direction of the professor of Baumansky university Alexey Mihajlovicha Arharova began to study ventilation systems. Also has achieved serious results! He has thought up a way to reduce half energy losses at air-conditioning and aeration of industrial premises. Anton has found a way, pressing an air pipe, to supervise losses of pressure and thus to reduce power consumption.

this work has been noted at competition of young scientists of the European Union in Norway. And then Anton as the best young scientist of Russia have invited to anniversary delivery of the Nobel Prize to Stockholm.

- we also did not think that it becomes scientists in 17 years, - Anton Vladislav Petrovich`s grandfather speaks.

- And how the grandson has reacted what is necessary to it reception at the Swedish beauty of princess Victoria?

is it most of all before departure occupied. It all her names has learnt (at it them a little) and very much was upset, when has seen it in a photo with the boy friend.


At family Kjuri already five awards

In 1903 Pierre Kjuri and his wife Maria Sklodovsky - Kjuri have received the award on the physicist for researches on a radio-activity. In 8 years Maria has received an award in chemistry - for studying of elements radija and polonium. Their daughter Iren in 1926 has married the French scientist Frederika Zholio.

In 1935 of spouse Iren and Frederik have continued family tradition and have received the Nobel Prize for synthesis of radioactive elements.

Russian and Soviet Nobel winners

On the physicist: the Item A.Cherenkov, I. M.Frank and
I.E.Tamm (1958),
L.D.Landau (1962), N. G.Basov and A. M.Prohorov (1964), P.L.Kapitsa (1978), Zh.I.Alfyorov (2000).
On physiology and medicine: I. P.Pavlov (1904), I.I.Mechnikov (1908).
In chemistry: N.N.Semenov (1956).
Under the literature:
I.A.Bunin (1933),
B.L.Pasternak (1958), M.A.Sholokhov (1965), A.I.Solzhenitsyn (1970), I.A.Brodsky (1987).
On economy:
L. V.Kantorovich (1975).
World Awards:
A.D.Saharov (1975),
M.S.Gorbachev (1990).

the MENU
Than are fed on a banquet

Week till December, 10th with winners gave lectures, gave solemn dinners in scientific institutions of Stockholm. And in a town hall of the Swedish capital at this time in the strict secret the menu of a grandiose banquet was made.

But here after a banquet at the stall nearest to a town hall trading in hot dogs, the turn elegantly dressed stokgolmtsev was formed: the dietary delicacies prepared taking into account gastronomic predilections, religious beliefs and medical restrictions of winners, it was difficult to be sated, that is why on - to the present of ladies and gentlemen feasted at late night under street lanterns.

Who did not begin to receive the award?

There are people who on different to the reasons refuse the award:

- Boris Pasternak (1958, the award under the literature). In the Soviet press persecution of the writer has begun, Pasternak have excluded from the Union of writers and threatened with dispatch from the country. He has been urged to refuse the award.

- Jean Pol Sartre (1964, the award under the literature). He considered that the official award contradicts its Left-wing radical principles.

- Henry Kissindzher and Le So Tho (1973, the World award). The award for peace talks across Vietnam it have awarded only a year later after the American bombardments of Hanoi, Tho has refused the award.

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