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The customs will check up all foreign cars imported c of 1991

As has informed the vice-president of the State Customs Committee Yury Azarov, the uniform database " in the near future will be created; correctly the cars imported into the country. If requisites of your iron horse are in a database - it is possible to sleep easily. And if is not present? You have bought an excellent foreign car, have issued it and carefree unroll? Do not relax - our state is able to create problems to the citizens. Prepare for serious troubles - the State customs committee of Russia begins investigation of thousand affairs on the facts of infringement of customs rules. But to involve it is necessary to them also itself too as also the customs grew fat on an illegal customs clearance of expensive cars much. About it is today`s release.

Yury gejko, the leader the Autoeducational program .

One of these days the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation has once again checked up legality of several articles of the Customs code and has defined what to force to pay the customs duties or to confiscate illegally got car it is impossible only at that buyer who at the moment of the transaction not at all did not know that its car is imported into Russia with infringement of customs rules. Inspectors of the State Customs Committee will search henceforth that proof that you not a burdock, to you much more favourably it to appear. The state customs committee seriously intends to put things in order in a domestic motor car park of foreign cars.

whom will be shmonat?

First of all wheelbarrows - Byelorussians . Since 1999 Belarus - unequivocally foreign state. Only foreigners can to import duty-free (but having registered on customs fast) into Russia motor vehicles for the term up to one year. Better to say, has arrived to us on the wheelbarrow, on it and has left. Such car to the Russian can use by proxy, but besides only it is temporary. And if the Russian has bought the car abroad, including in Belarus, to import it it is possible, only having paid the duty. All the rest - kirdyk. It is considered that the duty-free car is in the Russian Federation illegally and illegally. The owner should or return it on the native land or voluntary to issue backdating, but thus except the duty to pay the penalty for infringement of customs rules. It is authorised to workers of the State Customs Committee to accept surcharges in a residence of the owner. If the wheelbarrow is imported till 1999, you are threatened with the penalty from 50 to 200 percent from car cost, and if already after introduction of customs control on border with republic Belarus - from 100 to 300 percent. But it is not necessary to faint - penal the policy of the State Customs Committee is now liberal enough, and the top lath is appointed extremely seldom. Ominous confiscation too almost fiction. On auction cars of year 75 - go which owners do not want already neither to pay usually leave, nor to take away them with shtrafstojanki.

- At us barahlom all warehouse is hammered by it, - Nikolay Nikitin has shared the deputy chief of the Moscow motor transportation fast. - but the cleverest have already begun to move, and we have issued surcharge for pair tens cars.

another large left a category are the motor vehicles duty-free imported through their registration on heroes of the USSR and Russia and full gentlemen of order of Glory. In our legislation of the bases for free heroic import is not present. The Belarus cars and cars of heroes released from payments through court. Now against these judgements of the State Customs Committee will successfully appeal against. Under the law liquidators of failure are released from duty payment on the Chernobyl atomic power station, and also refugees and immigrants only. But only on condition that migrants owned cars even before moving to Russia.

As will be shmonat if you do not surrender?

dorozhno - the patrol service at the State Customs Committee is not present The, therefore customs officers have agreed from traffic police. The inspector of traffic police should calculate now on a line, detain and pass in car customs - narushitelnitsy. If customs inspectors prove that you knew or should know, but have not found time to take an interest, a leah has completely passed all customs formalities your car, you will force to pay the penalty for infringement of customs rules and the duty together with the seller of the illicit goods. While you will search for money or to reflect, a leah it is necessary to pay, customs officers have a just cause to hide yours a wheelbarrow on shtrafstojanku. Possibility to correct undermined by confiscation or payment of customs payments a financial position remains only in court. The careless buyer can vchinit the claim about compensation as fallen from the moon expenses to the unfair seller. If, of course, it will find...

do not hurry to rejoice in the event that you fairly abided in happy ignorance about cherished secrets of the autopurchase, and has pleased tormoznuvshy you the inspector of traffic police. Customs officers all the same will bring an action against you. In the State Customs Committee do not exclude that courts will release from liability of infringement of customs rules diligent, but the deceived buyers, but hassle is anyway provided.

the material termination - in following release the Autoeducational program on December, 18th.