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Menshikov will remove the Councillor of state instead of Mikhalkov

Conversations on a screen version of the novel of Boris Akunina the Councillor of state go since spring. It is precisely known that the writer himself has chosen for a role of detective Erasta Fandorina Oleg Menshikov. The budget at a historical detective should be unprecedented (that means - not one tens millions dollars).

Till last moment all have been assured that as the director of a picture Nikita Mikhalkov will act. However one of these days it became known that Nikita Sergeevich has refused picture statement. Instead of it the film will put... Oleg Menshikov. Before he was not engaged in film direction (though has had time to put some performances at theatre). Mikhalkov has informed journalists that becomes the producer of a picture (and, probably, if something happens will help the debutant).

Nikita Sergeevich expects to be engaged closely in preparation of shootings of a sequel Tired with the sun . Action of this film will be developed during war.

Boris Akunin: Menshikov as the director? It is interesting!

Boris Akunin is now shipped in the composition of the next novel on Nicolas Fandorine. As usual on an operating time it stops contacts to journalists. However Akunin nevertheless has responded to some questions.

- it is known that you personally choose directors who will work over screen versions of your novels. Also choose them very carefully. You were confused with that the director the Councillor of state has suddenly exchanged?

- for me in it there was nothing sudden. As far as I know, it was Oleg Menshikov`s idea; some time ago it has communicated with me, has told that very much wants to test in film direction and to shoot a film under the scenario written by me the Councillor of state . Having thought, I have decided that it would be interesting. And now I with a joyful anticipation wait that from this it will turn out.

- but Mikhalkov - the professional, and Menshikov never was engaged in film direction. You are not afraid to trust the debutant the mullions-strong project?

- about the mullions-strong project are problems of studio. Possibly, they are not afraid to trust Menshikov a film with such budget. As to, so to say, creative risk - I think that Oleg Evgenevich most risks...

- Mikhalkov, in effect, has preferred to the Councillor of state other project. It has not touched you?

- has more likely intrigued. If as replacement to Mikhalkov Menshikov has been named not, and someone another - I, probably, would disagree.

- Menshikov itself should play Fandorina. It is already known, who, except it, will play in a film?

- I now do not penetrate into these problems. I have written the scenario and have handed over it is and the studio " is engaged in other problems; Trite . To me yet did not offer for discussion any nominees of actors, except Menshikov.

- said that Mikhalkov is going to invite to one of roles of Izabel Adzhani...

- Yes, there was such idea at Nikita Sergeevicha. Than it has ended - I do not know.

Fandorin will leave to Japan

Akunin has agreed to respond only to the questions connected with a screen version. Nevertheless from the persons approached to Akunin to us some news about the popular writer became known.

this autumn Grigory Shalvovich has visited Japan in the company with the most known Russian writers - Tatyana Tolstoy, Victor Pelevin, Vladimir Sorokin, Sergey Gandlevsky... On a press - conferences sensational news has been published: Akunin and Tatyana Tolstaja gather to write the detective novel. Say that Akunin should think up a plot, and then they together with Tolstoy will develop it.

the book about Nicolas Fandorine (continuation the Three-copecks piece - tolobasa ) - Not the unique novel over which Akunin now works. Next year there should be two more its books: Pelagija and a red cock and the Diamond chariot (in the latest book which genre is defined as an ethnographic detective adventures of Erasta Fandorina in Japan will be described; the material has partially been collected during an October trip of the writer). Details are not disclosed: Akunin never starts up nobody on creative kitchen . But we can inform that in the contract on twelve novels about Fandorine, which Akunin when - that has signed with publisher Igor Zaharovym, the Diamond chariot was the fourth (it should be written and published after Azazeli Turkish gambit and the Leviathan ) . However Akunin has made the admission: after the Leviathan it has let out at once the fifth novel from the list - Achilles`s Death . And here now composes the novel in which adventures of young Erasta in Japan, history of its acquaintance to Masoj are described.

the Premiere of a serial Azazel should take place on ORT in the beginning of next year. As to other screen version Azazelja (over it the well-known Hollywood director Paul Verhoeven) was going to work - all is covered by an uncertainty gloom. It is said that at present lawyers work over the contract draught on cession of rights on a screen version. If the film is removed, on screens it leaves not earlier than 2003.

Valery Todorovsky undertook for the Lover

the Veteran of domestic cinema Peter Todorovsky ( Military - the field novel Interdevochka ) Finishes a film Life entertainments is full . The picture narrates about the simple Russian inhabitants living in a modern communal flat in small small town situated near Moscow. Roles of tenants have executed Larissa Udovichenko, Yury Kuznetsov, Irina Rozanova, Andrey Panin.

Todorovsky worked over this film in a break between shootings of the next military drama In mia maid of the Bull . The film is based on real events of life of the director: in the war beginning Todorovsky lived in a deaf small village near Saratov and helped the local shepherd to extract hay for ogolodavshih bulls. As picture action occurs in the winter, in days of Stalingradsky fight, snow, which as to spite, during that moment was not was necessary to the director. During the urged idle time Todorovsky also has shot a film Life entertainments is full . As to the Bull shootings of this picture will be continued in January of the next year.

In the meantime other known director - Peter Todorovsky Valery`s son ( the Country of deaf persons evenings Situated near Moscow ) - has started shootings of a film with the working name the Lover (the name, probably, will change). The plot is in brief that: after death of the wife the hero finds out that it had a lover. (From known film products with a similar plot it is remembered first of all Three colours: dark blue .) Oleg Yankovsky is invited To a role of the widower, for a role of the lover omnipresent Andrey Panin was tried.