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Vitaly Solomin: I run faster young thieves!

on jubiljara, besides six-ten years`, Culms it is similar not so. As well as on in public favourite doctor Watson. Complacent absent-mindedness in its sight it is not observed at all. A sight at it - clever, rigid and very tired (on the eve of our interview the actor has returned from Yaroslavl where played difficult performance on Max Frisch. natykajas at such sight, you understand that you can hear in reply to type questions With what meet anniversary? .

a stone flower

- Tell, Andrey Konchalovsky named you for intractability a stone flower .

- very much can be.

- and why? Argue with directors? To a hoarseness defend the point of view?

- Is not present, to argue with the director - employment useless. It is necessary to make on - to the but so that it has accepted it for the find and to it was delighted. Business of the director - to collect the command of professionals. If it turns out - for 70 percent the success is guaranteed. Such successful coincidence of circumstances has occurred at us, for example, on Sherlock Holmes .

- It is said that you on any party, protecting the friend, to someone a muzzle have filled.

- Was such. But to whom is I will not tell, the person known. I will tell only that, despite employment by boxing, there was it to me for the first time. Earlier I thought that is not capable to strike the person on the person.

- and after that first case of the second was?

- If you will not stop to ask such questions, now will be...

at me the salary more low, than at the cleaner!

- on a way to you has seen a cover of one parkway edition: Vitaly Solomin - the fan of banquets . It so?

- I like suit feasts. At theatre it know also them wait. Sturgeon once has got such size that in an oven was not located. And once I at theatre New year in March have arranged. It became boring, I and have arranged. With a fur-tree, with Father Frost - everything as it is necessary.

- It is said that you to the wife have forbidden to act in film?

- Yes. It the beautiful woman, it should to go much, and in trains muzhiks - snoring, dirty. It should me both places to it in SV to buy. It is unprofitable. At cinema after all pay a little.

- Actors complain of low salaries. Then huge sturgeons whence undertake?

- we Steal.

- have mercy, Vitaly Mefodevich! What at small theatre to steal - that is possible?

- at theatre - there is really nothing. At me, the national actor working at the oldest national theatre of the country, the salary is less, than at the cleaner! Know, how much I get for work in performance Wedding Krechinsky ? 30 dollars! And performance the most complicated - a musical, three hours goes. And I continue to play it not from - for money that is why that is pleasant!

Astrahanu is better not to meet Solominym

- And what at cinema?

- At cinema all is very strange. Here has acted in film in to the Stop on demand . And one year ago - in a picture the Incident belli which put as director Igor Ugolnikov. But has passed year - the film is not present! The Same history with a teleserial All red . Have finished shooting nine series. And about the project as though have forgotten.

and with director Dmitry Astrahanom at me was and at all a shocking case. It has sent me the scenario, we have signed the contract, date of shootings has been appointed. I refuse all, I pack things to go to Minsk, I say goodbye to the wife, children, grandsons and a dog. Guess, what was further? Even nobody has called me to tell that all is cancelled!

- probably, Astrahan has simply forgotten. It on neskolku films in parallel removes.

- Me all the same that it there removes. I will see - I will tell to it that it hamlo! At us in Small shoemakers a hundred times are more serious to business concern!

- you in youth seriously went in for sports...

- Yes, and it was useful to me just now. I take out recently from a luggage carrier a bag, I put it on the earth and I continue to dig further to myself. I look down: bags are not present. The neigbour shouts: those two at you have stolen a bag. I catch up with them, I select a bag. young still, and run badly, - I speak to them. - to you, children, it is necessary to be engaged in sports . Passes some weeks, any guy approaches to me. Smiles in all muzzle: you do not remember me? I: Is not present . And it: Well as? I at you have stolen recently a bag. The discrepancy left . Really discrepancy!


the National actor of RSFSR Vitaly Mefodevich of CULMS was born on December, 12th, 1941 in Chita. In 1963 - the m has ended Theatrical school of a name of Schepkin and same year has entered Small theatre where as the actor and the director works up to that moment. As the director has put a film Hunting (1994).

5 most known films jubiljara:

- Sibiriada
- the Bat
- Sherlock Holmes`s Adventures and doctor Watson
- the Winter cherry
- Sincerely yours .