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Zachetka in chocolate

the session Comes nearer, some students already with might and main hand over offsets. Are nervous, are afraid, tickets cram, at the nights do not sleep, in the mornings coffee in litres drink, and before examination also valerjanochkoj stress remove. And then are surprised that in zachetke one trojaki and all time a head breaks. In general to calm nerves it is necessary reasonably. How to eat during the session, to what music to listen and how much coffee to drink, we will talk in today`s Student small town .

Stress for the student - a status habitual. Each offset, each session turn around for the majority examined by a serious emotional overstrain. And it completely does not pass. To avoid similar troubles, try to follow to our simple recommendations.

a traditional cocktail of the student during session - Coffee with a valerian . But such combination only aggravates yours and without that unenviable position. And all because coffee and valerian drops render opposite actions on an organism. Coffee invigorates, and the valerian lulls.

our advice: the valerian - for the night that it was slept well, and coffee - since morning to cheer up. Scientists have proved that the cup of coffee improves ability to storing, concentration, at all without oppressing cerebration.

to influence nervous system pieces of music are capable also. Hear to a prelude 8 Bach - become quieter. And here Seasons Tchaikovsky invigorate.

establish serious control over teeth. The international Geneva cross has found out direct dependence between stresses and a dental health: the are more stirred, the above chances to earn caries.

necessarily get the friend. Americans consider, what exactly absence of close friends is one of the reasons of a high dropout rate of students of high schools. Participation and support during session are simply necessary.

in preparation can help tsvetoterapija. Brightly - orange colour clears up. Green calms. Screw a bulb of the necessary colour in the desk lamp, and life will play new paints.

it is possible to connect elementary meditation to music underneath. For an enlightenment of consciousness and removal of a psychological overstrain the most effective exercise - concentration on own breath. Try five minutes poubezhdat itself:

- I breathe exactly,
- at me warm hands,
- at me a lucid mind.

it is possible to repeat few times: I the most charming and attractive - superfluous will not be.

eat more bananas: substances containing in them soothingly operate on nervous system. In the people say that bananas raise happiness level.

the Recipe of doctors concerning a breakfast before examination is extremely simple: strong tea with a lemon and chocolate. By the way, even cosmonauts before start do not gorge on - polbuterbrodika, pomidorka... A leah

There are tablets for intelligence increase?

Workers of drugstores have told to us that during session to them often apply to pick up a medicine for intelligence increase, for improvement and acceleration of work of brains. It has appeared that of miracle pills in drugstores full - it is full: preventive, medical, strong and weak: swallow - I do not want.

only here to swallow of all it is impossible successively, therefore we and were converted behind advice to the pharmacist to Ekaterina Anatolevne Verhovsky.

It appears, more often students buy polyvitamins, valerianu, pustyrnik, eleuterokokk, tinctures aralii, limonnika, a ginseng.

Polyvitamins should be drunk within a month small doses, then 3 months a break, and again a monthly course. Sharp jumps of erudition, of course, will not occur, but working capacity will raise.

Eleuterokokk tones up and raises immunity. Puts to heart to a body and bravosti to spirit. And any ghost effects. Drink on health (in first half of day, before meal 10 - 15 drops).

ginseng tinctures concern the same invigorating preparations, aralii, limonnika. All of them tincture limonnika is good and useful, most effective. Also costs not much.

if you quickly get tired and often yawn, buy makrovit . This vitamin stimulator as a hand will remove weariness.

is more careful with demulcents. Pustyrnik slightly lowers pressure. And if with fear tooth on tooth does not get, it is better to drink 2 tablets or 10 - 15 drops of a valerian. But only it is no more, and that will not concentrate at all.