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At the air bus which has failed to New York, terrorists “ have turned off “ a tail?

since tragedy on November, 12th, when the plane of the largest airline of the USA “ Ameriken ejrlajns “ has failed for inhabited quarters of New York, has passed a month. Meanwhile the experts who are engaged in investigation of causes of accident while and have not defined why the liner ran into the earth soon after soar from nju - jorkskogo the airport of a name of John Kennedy. The official version - an air bus And - 300, taken off flight Ή 587 in Santa - Domingo, has got in sputnyj a trace going in advance it “ the Boeing - 747 “. The plane has strongly shaken, and in similar situations the instruction orders to pilots “ to work as a wheel “ to compensate an arising list. From decoding of the data “ a black box “ pilots and have arrived, but, apparently, have put too abrupt corner moreover “ have cut “ a forcing. Probably that the wheel of an air bus has not sustained such “ Fighting maneuver “ also has come off together with a part of the tail stabilizer. Now over tail fragments “ conjure “ experts of NASA. They should find out, a leah composit materials of which it is made could, to collapse from dynamic overloads.

however among experts - aviatsionshchikov, not to mention simple inhabitants, the whisper creeps that the authorities hide an original cause of the tragedy not to spread panic among the population.

- by such planes as And - 300, the tail can come off only in the event that intentionally to weaken the bolts, fixing it to a fuselage, - has declared in interview to magazine “ Gloub “ the former employee of National board on security on transport Vernon Grouz. It is echoed by the former general inspector of the ministry of transport of the USA of Mary Shiavo: “ the Heavy air bus on which board there were 260 persons, hardly it is possible “ to bring down “ a turbulent air stream. At least in the USA such cases were not " earlier;. As And - 300 flied up, as well as it is necessary, in two minutes after the Japanese liner. If sputnyj the trace so strongly influenced the plane going by trace similar accidents taking into account intensity of movement at world airport terminals would happen almost daily!

but a certain well informed circle in the American special services has informed the same “ Gloub “ that the special brigade of FBI tries to reveal “ zakonspirirovannogo the saboteur “ among the technical personnel in

to the airport of a name Kennedy. Special services have data that “ Al - Kaida “ could introduce some years ago there the person. It is not excluded that this terrorist had access to the small technical chamber at the tail-end And - 300 from which it is possible to reach fixing bolts of a wheel.

and more one detail. According to magazine, special services have received in advance a signal what exactly on November, 12th (when the country celebrates a feast of veterans) it is necessary to expect new large act of terrorism. This day to New York the plane also has failed. Now, believes “ Gloub “ to the authorities remains nothing how to bring down all on “ accident “. Otherwise Americans will simply stop to fly, frightened of how easily terrorists manage to bypass cordons.

Andrey of RAMS. (Ours sob. A correspondent) . New York.

the Expert on aviation security Igor SENCHUKOV:

- I categorically do not agree with the official version of  destruction

an air bus And - 300. Well such heavy air bus " cannot; to fall down “ from sputnogo a trace ahead of the flying plane! Especially, as now it became known, an interval between soar of the Japanese liner and start of the plane of the company “ Ameriken ejrlajns “ has been sustained according to norms - more than 2 minutes. In this time any turbulence resolves. Besides, till now reaction of the manufacturer And - 300 - the French firm " is unknown; Ejrbas “ - on commission conclusions. After all if will prove that the plane tail has fallen off from - for dynamic overloads to pay under all claims it is necessary to it, instead of airline.

as to “ zakonspirirovannogo the saboteur “ In technical services of the airport of a name Kennedy who has ostensibly turned off bolts also this version is hardly correct. More likely such person could put an explosive in a tail part of the plane.

Alexey BUJLO has written down.