Rus News Journal

Deputies have got on a zone situated near Moscow

one of developers of the Law on amnesty, the vice-president of the Duma Committee on the legislation Alexander Barannikov Has started this action. Co-workers from movement " helped it; freedom Generation .

to Give to convicts will have gone to the Ikshinsky colony for young children is a correctional facility to Moscow most close, to go 50 km. In a gift to the stray teenagers deputies have carried 32 kgs of sweets Korkunov which the factory has shipped free of charge, and group Total - that that sings about beating on eyes (or under eyes) adrenaline. To Ikshi went on - to the adult - ahead BMW with a flasher .

To this colony often there come different official delegations and journalists. Perhaps because the program of reception of visitors here is perfected to shine. At first deputies and owners all crowd have gone to foundry shop in a building of the destroyed church where the equipment from wartime regularly works. Then in the TECHNICAL TRAINING COLLEGE where juvenile criminals do consumer goods, in t. ch. Boxer shorts, sepulchral fencings and coffins.

in metalwork to shop there was a small incident: the soloist of group Total was small, bald and in ridiculous points, the pupils, standing up for metalwork machine tools, too were bald and in points. But the soloist did ridiculous grimaces and consequently journalists by mistake of a steel to photograph it.

then delegation have taken away in the inhabited case where was not not a soul, except the snotty man on duty. Here deputies began to torture officers concerning sex.

- as you solve sexual problems of prisoners?

It has appeared, in any way. Bromine with kissel do not mix. Simply sometimes to children from outside there come girl-friends.

And here sexual problems can soon solve the majority of juvenile convicts: from 359 pupils of a colony on freedom 184 persons will be let out. The rest will knock off terms.

here have caught the man on duty and have brought it to Barannikovu:

- Here the person who has thought up this amnesty, tell to it thanks.

- thanks, - the young recidivist has filtered, otsenivajushche having looked at a fur coat of Barannikova. Under a prickly sight the deputy has shuddered, but, having been lop-sided on escorts standing nearby, has cheered up. It has developed the law and is proud began to read to citations from it. On all left that the fellow will lean back from a zone very soon.

- the state gives you chance to be corrected. You will not bring?

- and that, - has sparkled iron teeth amnistiruemyj.

Then in high school assembly hall the concert has taken place. Pupils in state white shirts with dead-pans have sung a song As it is healthy that all of us here have gathered today and type chastooshkas the Butt of beer, a vobla a basin, about amnesty the order .

the Soloist of group Total which have pledged a reciprocal word, anything sing on could, because have not brought up equipment. It has put the cartridge with the clips and, clicking fingers, in a whisper has echoed.

- ask questions, - she has tried to get a hall.

the question was only one:

- And che it at you for a headdress on a nape?

is a stroke - a code which means that I the citizen of the world, - have explained the soloist.

more questions were not.

at parting deputies have addressed to a system of prisoners. It looked as a parting word to armies leaving in approach.

- friends, on freedom nobody waits for you, nevertheless you should think well how to live further. You now, consider, in sanatorium, fly once again - will get on an adult zone. And there it is very bad.

deputy Koptev - Yard keepers of black prisoner Furshapa from Cameroon which winds term for drugs has especially regretted. For New year Furshapa in a colony dress up Santa Claus.

- I the chairman of the Duma commission on friendship with the countries of Africa. The president of Cameroon has awarded the order to me the most important in your country. So all at you will be good, - deputy Furshapu has informed.

it seemed To me, Furshap has not believed to any deputy word...