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For $100 thousand any woman can turn in the priest - a star...

and for copying of stars the cloning at all is not required, any woman can turn in “ the priest - princesses “ for 100 thousand dollars - in so much it the plastic operations considerably changing their shape will manage.

Cΰμξε expensive pleasure as reports AFP, this reconstruction legendary “ the Hollywood smile “. Known stomatologist Larri Rosental will make it for 25 thousand dollars, having pasted on teeth porcelain plates. For chubby sponges and a chest as at Pamela Anderson, young women should lay out on 10 thousand dollars for each operation. A small nouse “ and - lja Britney Spears “ will manage in 6,5 thousand “ green “ and the necessary cut of eyes - all in 4 thousand.

other money will leave on a reconstruction of full similarity to the American stars: Hair extension, removal it is required to whom, wrinkles on the face, and also figure updating. However, to sing, as Spears and Agilera, newly appeared doubles can unless under “ plywood “...

Anatolys MAXIMS.

Schwarzenegger for $30 million again will play Terminatora

54 - summer Arnold Schwarzenegger will receive for a film “ Terminator - 3 “ the record fee for the film career - 30 million dollars. Before the greatest fee “ iron Arni “ were 25 million dollars - for a picture “ the Batman and Robin “.

it is curious that the director of a tape of Dzhonatan Mostou (the founder “ At - 571 “) Will receive for the child “ in total “ 5 million dollars.

the budget of the insurgent which shootings will begin in April of next year, - $170 million becomes astronomical also (the former record belongs “ the Pearl - Harboru “ - $140 million).

Action of the third part of the saga about Terminatore (we will remind, first two have been put by James Cameron) occurs later 10 years after “ Terminatora - 2 “. In it John Connor (which Edward Ferlong plays) and its cyborg - the friend (Arnold Schwarzenegger) battle against the robot - women by name of Terminatriks.

Konstantin GOROKHOV.