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The recruit in one day became the husband and the father that in army not to go!

it is very simple, to dispatch to young men of the summons from a military registration and enlistment office enough. And unpleasant prospect of biennial barracks life - bytja immediately spodvignet them on the introduction into respectable home life. For present invocatory campaign in Yakutsk more than 70 young men who providently married and have brought into the world offspring, have received a delay from military service.

it would Seem, 18 - the summer inhabitant of Yakutsk one of these days zabrili it is definitive. The sad fellow already dejectedly sat with a holdall on a bench of modular republican point and suffered affliction from a hungover syndrome. However officers - merchants from military units podzaderzhalis, and the command of the future defenders of Fatherland for days have dismissed on houses, in the first dismissal. When check point gate transfers remained behind, life instant of the sobered up young fighter has rushed at a gallop. For one day the bright fellow has had time to find the girlfriend of life, to marry it moreover to adopt the juvenile child newly married. It is necessary to guess only, how much parents molodozhena have unfastened for record-breaking fast passage of numerous formalities to a registry office, bodies of guardianship and court (to adopt the nonnative child it is possible only under the judgement)!

In Yakutsk a military registration and enlistment office for the first time have faced necessity to cancel an appeal of the recruit which have already caught with things on assembly point. Legally molodozhen already was the soldier, but voenkomu it was necessary to return it on the citizen from - for a swagger - major circumstances. Happy marriage will protect the guy from military service while to the child it will not be executed three years. But by then and the grudnichka it is possible to get if very to try.