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Koreans have suggested Bardo to have a snack sobachatinoj

the World championship on football yet has not begun, and round it the first scandal has already burst. The French actress Brizhit Bardo has seriously squabbled with one of organizers of superiority - Koreans. The known defender of animals has demanded from the authorities of South Korea to forbid national dishes from sobachatiny, at least for the period of superiority. In its opinion, the custom is poor pesikov - barbarity though inhabitants of the Country of morning freshness, naturally, adhere to other point of view.

Bardo asserts that on its party the president of the most powerful football organisation - FIFA - Joseph Blatter and, the main thing, French national team to which, actually, and should eat sobachatinku during abiding in South Korea.

owners of the championship have reacted to the statement of the European star rather originally: They have thrown a site of Fund of protection of animals which heads Bardo, in hundreds letters with threats, revilings and even cynical invitations to the actress for a dinner - understand, with what menu.