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The stone from kidneys de Niro will go from a hammer

One of the British satellite TV channels has decided to spend unusual auction - to expose on sale a nephrolith of which the Hollywood actor Robert de Niro 20 years ago has got rid.

as representatives of the channel, for " have declared; a star stone they are going to gain in any way less than 4 thousand dollars. There was However, one problem: how to prove that the goods has really been taken from an interior of the well-known actor?

the stone in diameter in 1 centimetre has some years ago got in Las - Vegase the founder of TV channel George Spitaliotis. At it doubts in authenticity of the purchase are not present. And here the agent of the movie star though recognised that corresponding operation on nephrolith extraction has been made de by Niro in 1981, has expressed the big doubt concerning an exposed prize. And now organizers of auction from a skin climb to find the proof of its authenticity. The auctions, under their statement, will pass only after acknowledgement a family tree a stone.

by the way, recently other British satellite channel has declared intention to spend similar teleauction on which Jack Nicholson`s teeth and Mela Gibson`s hair will be exposed. If business goes, profitable business can turn out: a leah is not enough that doctors cut off or take from celebrities, not to mention others star substances being a product of their ability to live...