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The secretary general of the United Nations has sunk into dotage and the secretary general of the United Nations Kofi Annan has reconciled dolls

On the eve of reception of the Nobel Prize of the world debuted in quality absolutely new to - the participant of popular children`s show Street Sezam . Heroes of transfer - amusing dolls which eternally get to the confused situations. Here and this time the main character Streets Sezam Elmo and its friends could not define, to whom to the first to sing a song.

when doll friends have quarrelled completely from - for a trifle, it to the aid and the main peacemaker of a planet has come safely to finish transfer. In general - that it was engaged in the habitual business - after all Annan on a post should resolve almost daily every possible conflicts and to pacify the conflicting parties. However, in life to achieve it it is possible not always. But in children`s transfer the secretary general of the United Nations has consulted with the problem excellent: Doll characters after its lecture have forgotten old offences and have together sung a final song.

at last Annan who has received, according to eyewitnesses, huge pleasure from show, has declared that many diplomats do not need to resemble in something heroes Streets Sezam : to be sometimes hardly less serious. It turns out, if adult uncles sink into dotage, and in to the world sandbox it will be easier to them to agree?