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Victory of Smirnova in Dnestr region - a headache for Russia?

yesterday it became known that Igor Smirnov in the third time is re-elected by the president of not recognised Dnestr Moldavian republic. On elections on Sunday for it have voted about 80 % of voters.

in Kishinev, of course, counted on other result. The Moldavian press supported the disgraced mayor of Bendery Toma Zenovicha. But that has typed only 7 % of voices. As a result the management of Moldova declared elections in Dnestr region illegal. And the first deputy the head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vyacheslav Trubnikov has declared yesterday that elections in Dnestr region from the point of view of international law have under itself no lawful basis .

the Head of the Center of political researches Sergey Markov in interview so has commented on results of elections in Tiraspol:

- Victory of Smirnova - a headache for Russia. After all for Smirnovym there are groups which receive considerable incomes because that Dnestr region is out of a zone of legal space, including customs, tax. Now Moscow needs to go on negotiations, to press Smirnova economically. To force it to agree with that model of settlement which is developed by a management of Russia and Moldova. After all Moldova is ready to be integrated closely with Russia, including within the limits of Russian - the Belarus Union. Anyway better the bad world...

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