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Visit of the Father: Spiritual mission

Stalin when - that has asked subordinates: And how much at Vatican of divisions? the question, certainly, concerned not armed forces of the dwarfish state, and supporters of catholicism in the world. I think, after present visit of the Pope to Ukraine number divisions Vatican in adjacent republic with Russia considerably will grow. Harm it or the blessing? Hierarches of Russian Orthodox Church and the policy, assumed the right to speak from a name the present Russian patriots consider that angrily. I, the private soldier orthodox (in this belief baptised me mother, and until now I go though and infrequently, in an orthodox church), I think a little differently: it - angrily in the blessing. In the blessing to all of us, including orthodox church. Because after that visit necessity of its resolute and prompt reforming became especially clear.
the Main argument of opponents of visit that it - de has sown still the big distemper and exasperation among supporters of Orthodoxy and catholicism, in my opinion, is simply ridiculous. Hardly a kind of the hunched, impotent old man in white clothes and its laconic sermons are capable to call someone anger and exasperation. Unless at the fanatical old women instructed by the father from ward.
at normal people, to whatever of branches of Orthodoxy they concerned, calls respect strength of mind and beliefs of this person more likely, which, despite all obvious infirmity, still finds forces to get into the most remote corners of the world and to speak with people about God. And to speak everywhere not in any Latin or church slavonic, and on their native, primordial, absorbed with milk of mother language.
I Represent, what explosion of interest and sympathy would be called by our Patriarch if it was converted with prayer words to Ukrainians in an Ukrainian, to Byelorussians - on Belarus yes eventually and to Russians - in Russian. But, alas, it is not necessary even to dream of it. Necessarily you will remember, as in the same Western Ukraine our Patriarch, much stronger a body, till now still has never visited...
as a whole the Russian Orthodox Church relation to to approach catholicism it is reduced to known arakcheevskoj to the formula: to hold and not pushchat. After visit of the Father it became obvious: this position obviously proigryshnaja. And if the Russian Orthodox Church expects to save influence on own congregation, it inevitably should be changed.

the Political action
Opinion of the person which knows that the ecumenicalism is not rapprochement, and association of churches and consequently its categorical opponent
Only sincere, kind, but not too informed people can believe that the Father carried out only spiritual mission in Ukraine. Yes, of course, and it too - as there there is its congregation. I am ready even to agree that between the Father and roman catholics, except this spiritual dialogue, anything and was not, as they say, any policy.
but I nevertheless think that the church in all years was the tool of political influence, the tool powerful and effective. And visit of the Father very much on a hand that who would like to drag Ukraine far away from Russia. Ukraine in any sense costs naraskorjaku: by the West to be guided - anybody it there on - to the present does not wait. But are always ready poobnimat, poispolzovat in game against Russia is shorter, pomatrosjat and will throw. By Russia to be guided - too not absolutely from a hand: only the local elite has estimated all blessings of independence as the phantom of a certain union again looms...
by and large to all of us, slav brothers, there is no place to disappear from each other: and a gas pipe at us one, and language group the general, and belief - orthodox. But posobachitsja it is temporary, on nauskivaniju different well-wishers is us bread do not feed. As Russia last years in relation to Ukraine and Belarus itself has done weight of nonsenses.
now, apparently, business have started to correct mutually. The thesis has begun to sound: still it is not known, who to whom is more necessary - Russia to Ukraine or Ukraine than Russia. Russia without Ukraine - not absolutely already and Russia. And so on. Here during this moment without the consent of the Patriarch accusing a latin church in prozelitizme, and obviously going on an aggravation, Vatican undertakes noisy tour in Malorossiju.
It agree with the opponent: in Orthodoxy the weight of unresolved problems has collected. But it not an occasion to merge in ecstasy with a latin church - there it is not less problems. Merge of churches is as merge of the ministries: occurs only on a political basis and to simple workers will be of no use. As individual sane orthodox nothing prevents to be to me the brother to the roman catholic, the Buddhist, the Moslem... Recently was in Armenia though I not the great theologian, but am clear: distinction between Orthodoxy and the Armenian church - is minimum. But nobody urges to be dissolved in each other! On the contrary - everyone nurses the unique motive justified by history of the people. For a long time did not test such spiritual comfort, as in sacred Echmiadzin...
... And to me speak: yes this visit simply on a hand to Kuchma who wants to underline that there is a president of all Ukrainians. And I do not argue, it proves once again that for all who not the roman catholic, visit of the Father was exclusively political mission.