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In Moscow - syphilis epidemic

Epidemiologists of Ministry of Health of Russia predict in the near future jump of disease by a syphilis. With such statement Marina Shegaj has acted the doctor of medical sciences.

As she said, in 2000 Ministry of Health has registered in Moscow of 8 thousand syphilitics from which 100 have appeared children is more younger 14 years. In Moscow suburbs infected there were 6 thousand persons, among them 50 children. over the last 10 years in 141 times the quantity of children who were ill with a syphilis has increased, and figures continue to grow - has added the doctor of sciences.

the reasons of such jump, according to Shegaj, - prostitution growth in capital and early a growing modern teenagers.

Marina Shegaj has supported activization of actions for preventive maintenance of venereal diseases at schools. but in most cases managements and committees by training reluctantly allow to conduct at schools this work - she has told.

the Doctor of sciences suggests to legalise prostitution that, in its opinion, will allow to struggle effectively with flashes of venereal diseases, to supervise activity of prostitutes and to spend their regular medical examination.