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For New year bare a chest and feel impudent

you already have thought up, what will put on New Year`s ball? Just in case the help: on east horoscope 2002 - j is a year the Water or Black Horse. For fun it is possible to name it the sea fad or a dark horse. But there is more to come: year of the Horse is patronised by a red planet Mars. Means, we put on red and black? Not the fact. Stylists have disagreed. Who for blue and pink, and someone for motley and shining. More shortly, we include imagination and the New Year`s dress is invented. Here the main thing - not to crush in details and epatirovat on - large. How? See more low.

it while florets

the Black colour which was in the lead in all stylish collections, by New year has considerably grown dull. Stylists have suddenly remembered that black accumulates energy of misfortune that it is colour of widowhood and grief. Also have fast reconsidered fashionable tendencies. Now the accent becomes on light, pacified tone. In a Prenew Year`s fashion have clearly begun to sound:

the Chinese motives (a lot of shining and gold);
Russian tunes (all shades snezhno - white and sine - blue);
carnival music (an ethnic tinsel, diversity and brightness).

Berry places

In the New Year`s dress the main thing - to underline... A bust. At least once a year it is possible to be bared and turn a well-groomed back properly. The beautiful chest too will not be lost if to put on, for example:

a smart silk dress with bjuste;
a bodice from the quilted atlas and magnificent shifonovuju a skirt;
a dress - a combination with lacy furnish;
a graceful topic from brilliant brocade.

the Chinese small lamps

the Good sign - to meet New year in a dress in east style. The brilliant colour atlas, intricate embroideries, brushes from a fringe and necessarily graceful Chinese collar with sleeves - small lamps - here an approximate set of exotic details for a New Year`s dress.

an innocent transparency

the Ball dress can be not only elegant, but also provocative. Why slightly not to tease the partner frankly transparent blouse, a lacy asymmetric skirt or appearing through through gipjurovym a dress? Dare. Too timid young ladies can to advise cover excessive nakedness with the vintage petticoat. Let to itself coquettishly looks out from - under too transparent top dress, now it is not terrible.

a machismo

If you have got used to trousers and in a dress feel awkwardly, relax. Is not present no trouble that you are on a feast in shifonovyh trousers with satiny lampasami. Having hidden from extraneous eyes of a leg, pick up a sexual top or a lacy transparent blouse with a frank decollete. Shoulders throw with a shawl from silk or zhorzheta and feel free and impudent.

Plisse, gofre and easy pomjatost

Silk pleated dresses and blouses are especially good for New Year`s ball - lungs, air, they create sensation of flight and comfort. In tsvetastoj to a short skirt - plisse it is especially convenient to waltz. The dress from crushed organzy will successfully drape any, at all the most harmonous figure. Presence of metal threads in a fabric allows to model a dress in any style, correcting length, width and a silhouette line on taste. In such dress it is possible to spend all the evening long - sitting, lying, - and anything to it will not become.

by the way,

About it on New Year`s Eve it is not necessary to forget about linen, a leah is not enough that... Pick up a brassiere from a thin black tulle with the beaten out relief florets or with effect a nude body and with cups without seams. Remember that under the transparent light dress it is not necessary to put on a black bodice, here colour game it is inappropriate.

madam Broshkina

to Sparkle and be poured for New year should not only a fur-tree. Allow also to itself to flash you - pastes in style Svarovski, pajetkami, pebbles and spangles. All is sewn and pasted on tops, corsets and frankly low-necked dresses. Even if it not gold - let shines. Application can be present at any place, the silk skirt embroidered with a smooth surface, - special New Year`s peep. But the main thing - brooches. Them now can be a little, and at once on one dress. Brooches can be small and extremely large, on one shoulder or at once on two.

Black pearls

Jewellers in a year of the Black Horse have quickly oriented and have declared what to meet New year it is necessary with a thread of black pearls on a neck. A pier, a good sign. Probably. If you do not have pearl necklace, it is possible to throw (to paste, sew) a scattering of pearls on blouses, dresses, a handbag and even shoes. Feel the Snow queen.


Though primary colour of year black, the astrologist Tamara Globa advises during New Year`s ball to do without black, and also green and red. To each zodiac sign there correspond the colours and shades

the Aries. All solar tone - yellow, orange, golden. Are possible brown, blue, the electrician. Ornaments: gold and all metals, except silver.

a Taurus. All shades of a sea wave, golden, brown, turquoise. Ornaments: only natural materials.

didymuses. Sine - blue, white, pastel tone. Ornaments: copper, a steel, metals (except gold).

the Cancer. Colour of a sea wave, indigo, it is yellow - brown. Ornaments: copper, cupronickel, platinum, oberegi - cockleshells.

a lion. Dark blue with gold, pink, blue, yellow, red. Ornaments: costume jewellery, checked up talismans or expensive stones.

the Virgin. Sine - blue, grey, silvery. Avoid brown, a Bordeaux, black. Ornaments: a tree, crystal and metal (a steel, bronze).

Scales. nebesno - blue and pink tone, nacre, spangles. Yellow in a combination with pink and white. Ornaments: favourite stones - oberegi.

the Scorpion. Black with gold, a Bordeaux, brown. Ornaments: cockleshells, a coral, a pomegranate, charoit, metals.

the Sagittarius. Dark blue with gold, grey, pink, yellow. Ornaments: gold, the yellow metals, favourite stones.

the Capricorn. Dark blue, steel, white, violet, a sea wave, black with gold and copper. Ornaments: natural materials and stones.

Aquarius. Serebristo - grey, black with contrast tones, sine - blue, colour of a sea wave, violet, pink, orange. Ornaments: stones (except an emerald and nacre).

Fishes. Gold with black and white, colour of a sea wave, dark blue and green with gold, white with zolotisto - brown, pink and any solar tone. Ornaments: gold, stones - semi-precious stones.