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Moscow has established a record on number otkosivshih from army

Moscow and the Moscow military district (19 areas deployed in territory) have beaten All-Russia a record on uklonistam from conscription. It became known yesterday after Organizational - mobilisation management (OHM) MVO has lined results of autumn invocatory campaign - 2001. As any absolute figures, concerning an appeal, are coded, the heads to the OHM mask them for percentage indicators .

That the normal person if to him will quote here such passage from the white paper can understand, for example, in the confused staff casuistry: Least recruits - 4,75 % - and most of all uklonistov from total of young men of military age have appeared in Moscow . It is translated approximately so: From 180 thousand recruits which should rise in a system on all country last autumn, to capital it was taken away about 5 %, or hardly there are less than 9 thousand persons. From them in military registration and enlistment offices were not more than 5 thousand.

this a record belongs to Moscow already 7 - j year (the second place with insignificant backlog Peter stably occupies). Still approximately 5 thousand recruits were not under the summons in the military registration and enlistment offices subordinated to capital military district.

Moscow and MVO posesses and more one record - 87 % of recruits have received delays from service in army. It too a record (last year have lawfully avoided kersey boots about 80 % of young men).

But wholly guys from the Tver, Kostroma, Tambov and Bryansk areas compensated shortage of the Muscovites who have faded from army: therefrom zabrili 20 % all-Russian an appeal.

in Moscow and the areas adjoining it which are in To responsibility zone MVO, one record - number distrofikov ripens and more and jazvennikov among recruits inevitably grows. Only 2 hloptsa from 10 have no any defects of health. But as regards dangerous sexual communications Muscovites ahead of Russia all: in the autumn - 2001 are revealed 65 persons infected with AIDS (and 5 from them have already been directed to armies where barracks homosexuality more and more becomes fashionable). The number of the recruits who had a previous conviction grows also, - this indicator already steals up to 10 %.

district Military registration and enlistment offices call also the citizens living abroad. Bryansk and Smolensk military registration and enlistment offices have put under a gun about 400 recruits from Dnestr region (they are citizens of the Russian Federation and, as a rule, go to minister in the Operative grouping of armies deployed in that region).

But to offsprings of politicians, officials and the businessmen who have departed to the countries of the far abroad, at voenkomov hands while nedotjagivajutsja. And those 200 persons are typed almost, and only percent 15 - 20 from them study there (that the right to a delay grants).

to pursue the scheme on the next appeal, officers of military registration and enlistment offices together with militia will search, as before, uklonistov even under beds of grandmothers. Such makarom the autumn of last year possible to catch 7,5 thousand recruits. To all of them have handed over the summonses, demanding to be in a military registration and enlistment office. Have called as a result of only 175 persons. The others have slipped out on will as pikes in fragmentary breden, having presented documents with the right to a delay.

if the law on alternative civil service, seemingly, the Muscovite in army on a broader scale becomes " in the near future will be passed; a curiosity .