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TSereteli it is ready to transform Bruces a lane into conservatory

Hearing that tireless Zurab Tsereteli again intends to surprise capital, yes so that a little will seem to nobody, has excited yesterday many. Especially inhabitants of streets adjoining to the Moscow conservatory. In a press there was an information that on a place of silent streets of old Moscow Zurab Konstantinovich has decided to erect... A huge concert hall open-air. The good few of historical buildings has been sentenced to a pulling down in Brjusovom a lane which will turn to musical Arbat with court yard for fate - n - a beater, jazz and even poetry. Opposite to Conservatory the courageous thought of the artist has placed the grandiose Conservatoire area with statues and theatrical boxes in the middle of which it is proud the monument to Tchaikovsky would loom.

not a secret that after occurrence in capital of the Arena and a monument to Peter creativity of Tsereteli with fear is watched by many Muscovites. Therefore on a place of expected building the silent panic reigned.

- the Madhouse! Unless it is possible to take down these houses! - Sergey Nikolaevich walking the dog, even has turned pale from this terrible news. - Here there lived such people that these buildings zaveshany memorial boards, as Brezhnev orders.

- that Tsereteli is not sat! - another was indignant the native . - Bryusov a lane - a part of old silent Moscow which becomes ever less. Us, inhabitants, Zurab, of course, will move to Butovo... But it is a pity to me at all itself. Capital it is a pity.

the Head of church Voskresenija Slovushchego, opposite to which Tsereteli has decided to arrange a children`s playground about the Internet - cafe and musical shops, with horror has crossed and has told simply: It it is impossible to do! But most of all the people were interested by the Choral area. TSereteli has seen it at departure from Bryusov of a lane on the Tver street and has decided to establish here... A sand-glass Seven notes . This artful device should not only show time, but also beat off each hour. The local old woman long did not release me and demanded explanations - as this piece will work and what for it on a broader scale here is necessary.

in Conservatory unlike unfortunate Bryusov`s inhabitants of a lane about the project knew and very long could not tell something distinct. Rector Alexander Sokolov was limited to a phrase: I yet have not received any papers from the mayoralty - but one of professors (on the terms of full anonymity) has told directly: I Hope, they will have enough mind not to dishonour the Russian culture. If the Conservatory turns to a new Arena to the Russian music will simply spit in soul .

the CALL to the SCULPTOR
We have called the president of Academy of Arts Zurab Tsereteli in Tbilisi. Zurab Konstantinovich buried yesterday the father (edition presents deep condolences to the president of academy), but has agreed to give Small interview.

- Zurab Konstantinovich when in Moscow will appear musical street ?

- While it only idea. I want to instal life in dead Moscow small streets. Unless it is bad, if at Conservatory will sing songs, to spend evenings of the well-known composers. Each street should be original and interesting.

- if the mayoralty will agree with you, a leah houses in Brjusovom a lane will be rented?

- is not present. Any pulling down. There will be an illumination, there will be small sculptural works. But grandiose I do not plan anything.

- and how a sand-glass?

- I have changed the mind. Hours will be solar. Instead of figures - sculptures of great composers. Here will see are it will be beautiful.


the Mayor of capital Yury Luzhkov has declared that for the first time hears about creation in Moscow so-called Musical quarter . Meanwhile, as informs Interfax the mayor has noted: If such opinion is it it is healthy. In a city there should be musical or theatrical streets . However Luzhkov has refrained from any comments not to call an agiotage Muscovites. According to the mayor, it communicates often with Tsereteli, but that spoke nothing to it about the plans.