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What plumelets! What Vidok !

the Director: Pitof
In roles: Zherar Depardieu, Guillaume Kane, Ines Sastr
the Director of an ambitious Gothic thriller Vidok in the past worked as the master of special effects on Asterikse and Obelikse... the Stranger - 4 bessonovskoj to Jeanne d Ark ... With special effects in Vidoke really full order. What shot take - now in a frame and on a wall that an interior subject - in a museum that the person - in a waxworks exhibition.

that, if, the sister, At beauty such and to sing you the skilled worker! - a mouth of the Fox exclaimed the great Russian fabulist is no time. But to sing that is to tell story, Pitof just not the master . Removed completely on figure And finished to shine by means of the advanced technologies, Vidok it is beautiful artificial, monotonous, tiresome beauty. And tyres a film because that, besides effective foreshortenings, is not present in it so effective history, on - to the present of remembered characters.

well-fad Zherar Depardieu represents Vidoka - really existing detective, in first half of century of actively opening crime before last in sklizkih the Parisian slums and even based the first private detective agency in the world. In the first scene of Vidok appears bravely battling to not which shady character in a mirror mask, making kulbity with grace of the hero Matrixes . And then it for a long time disappears, and the young journalist (Guillaume Kane) starts to understand the reasons of its disappearance with concentration. A series of boring flashbacks is applied.

the impression of a picture can be designated a classical phrase of Tolstoi: It frightens, and to us it is not terrible . Want on - to be frightened to the present, look another gloomy and stylish historical komiks - From a hell brothers Hughes.

premier display of a film Vidok will take place at a cinema Pushkin on December, 13th in 19. 00

That else will show at Festival of French of cinema?

the Products collected in the French film festival which will pass from December, 13 till December, 16th in cinema hall TSDL, differ a laudable variety of genres.

Claude Zidi`s new film Club - the worthy sample of the French comedy, such what we know its last years fifty. It under an outset is filled gegami and jokes, vystrelivajushchimi as from Kalashnikov`s automatic machine, - one is more ridiculous another. (A film look on December, 15th in 20. 30.)

Gabriel Agijona`s new work, the author last year`s " is not less hilarious also; the Profligate . From commercial reasons its new comedy Simply fantasy put on motives of the American teleserial with the same name, will name at us Libertines . Heroines of a film - two aged, eternally drunk, but charming trashes (Zhozian Balasko and Natali Beat) who, despite of sterility of an epoch of AIDS, get rid, as when - that in 70 - e (a premiere on December, 15th in 18. 00).

Kartina Sedrika Kana Roberto Sukko in a dryish genre of the police report tells about the real serial murderer, in 80 - e years terrorising the south of France. (Display - on December, 15th in 15. 30.)

it is probable, the best film of the program from the point of view of art - a poetic drama of Damian Odulja Uncontrollably recently received the Silver lion in Venice. The hero of a film - 15 - the summer teenager - bezottsovshchina spends vacation in village at the uncle. The moronic persons of the French peasants running in set of a hen, donkeys, rams (there are no only lions and partridges) make an appetizing back of this shrill history about parting with the childhood world. (Display - on December, 16th in 18. 00.) And the festival by display in 20 will be closed on December, 16th. 00 black comedies Jean - Jacque Beneksa Adventures of a corpse . The film differs not only the raised stylishness peculiar to this director, but also the raised degree of cynicism: the corpse of the beautiful young woman is used in a film in the different ways up to the sexual.

all films presented at Festival of French of cinema, leave sooner or later in usual film service.

the Stalker will tell a fairy tale on human rights

Yesterday, in day of acceptance of the Universal Declaration of human rights, in the cinema House the remedial film festival has opened.

in competition of the Russian films film products of different genres - a retro - Leonid Marjagina`s film " will compete; 101 - j kilometre a fairy tale of Tigrana Keosajana the President and its grand daughter and even a disgust film Arthur Aristakisjana Place on the earth about life Moscow hipparej... Hits of the past film season will enter Into an out-of-competition panorama, though how much - nibud mentioning the marked subjects: the Enemy at gate the Pearl - Harbor the Zealot ...

From all human rights organizers of festival the Stalker one of the main things consider the right to watch film, therefore on sessions in the cinema House will start up free of charge.