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You can not be Bill Gates, but the browser is obliged to have!

as it is known to get to the Internet, the computer and the modem are necessary. And here that to see the Internet, the special program - a viewer is necessary, or, speaking on - scientific, a browser .

the Overwhelming majority of the Russian users of a global Network use browser Internet Explorer.

It is a part of operating system Microsoft Windows established practically on each computer. As a whole this program quite good enough, but strongly loses its security to the competitors - Netscape and Opera. In it it is a lot of holes through which computer criminals and viruses can get into your computer. That it to avoid, you should establish periodically so-called programs - patches (patches) - they always can be found on a site Microsoft (www. microsoft. ru). However, in the sixth version Internet Explorer the problem of security like as is solved.

competitor Internet Explorer - Netscape Communicator, consisting of a browser (Navigator), the post client (Messenger) and the editor a web - pages (Composer).

the freshest version Netscape - 6. 1, but to simple users to put it I do not recommend. Take better Netscape 4. 7 (the English or Russian version it is possible to take from here: www. netscape. ru/ communicator).

One more remarkable in every respect a browser - Opera (www. opera. com) - it is recommended to be used to users which go in the Internet through the modem. The program has the Internet - a pager compatible with ICQ. And in the fifth version there is Russian support. In more details about the fifth version Operas read here:

www. 3dnews. ru/ reviews/ software/ opera5, and here the information about new - the sixth - versions: www. 3dnews. ru/ download/ tools.

And here two quite good aaplets written specially for children: www. surfmonkey. co

the Browser with the colourful interface, animated objects, the filter adults sites and etc. softarea. ru

One more browser for children in style Pokemon! The browser interface is ridiculously painted by comics with intricate figures, forms and buttons.

some more good programs.

Socrat files. ars. ru/ si2stand. exe - translates from English, French, German on Russian and, to the contrary; contains 26 thematic dictionaries; it is intended for transfer html - pages with full preservation of registration - drawings, photos, fonts and tables, and also for transfer of the allocated fragments of pages of the Internet.

NetSurf www. chat. ru/ ~klodware/ Arhive/ NetSurf. zip

Prohibition of occupancy of pop-up windows, automatic scrolling of the text with adjustment of speed, treelike display of links to current sites and possibility of their preservation, display of links to the seen pages, the button to Display drawings interface adjustment and many other things.

FireBall Extra chat. ru/ ~dj_yuran/ FIREBALL. ZIP

on the Internet it is a lot of sites with so-called active advertising: the script which without your desire calls one more is built in a page, and sometimes and it is more, a window with advertising or unbounded lime links. FireBall Extra does not allow to them to open.

on materials of sites: www. freeware. ru/ www. softlist. ru/ www. freesoft. ru/