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Nurse Olga Verbina: With Putin`s father we were connected by gentle friendship

This beautiful history has reached us after two years - as the autumn sheet which has lost the way in a snowfall.

as if there lived in St.-Petersburg one good old man. The wife who was with it nearby almost 70 years, has worried absolutely for a short while. But as if there was at it these one and a half year last muse - the nurse of one oncological hospital. And as if, when there was funeral, the son of the old man has asked not to begin commemoration while this woman have not found and did not deliver by the car that, certainly, bears to its nobleness - after all not everyone is capable to stifle in itself(himself) filial jealousy.

the rumour has added to a legend and quite Soviet tail on which the people had enough imagination: that in gratitude for feelings to the nurse have given apartment because both the father, and the son were people not simple. The old man called Vladimir Spiridonovichem. And the son - accordingly - Vladimir Vladimirovichem. Also they carried a known surname in all Russia - Putin. And further traces of this history, alas, were lost.

therefore I also go now on the Petersburg suburbs to settlement Sand to find this woman and institute where bring those to whom the destiny gives one more chance.

we have got up it...

- to Fall in love? In 87 years? Unless only in all nurses at once, - doctors have burst out laughing. - we have really got up senior Putin, but in it there was no romanticism. In city hospitals its all time treated for a radiculitis, have then brought to us on computer inspection, and we have seen that any it not a radiculitis, and a cancer with metastasises in a backbone. Have tried a new preparation, it whereas time only - only passed tests - and in two weeks the grandfather has risen on feet! When it here has arrived, to death it still had a maximum month, and we have presented to the person as early as one and a half year of life. And what! It before treatment almost has been completely paralysed, and became the high-grade person - itself went, itself served, did not feel a pain. Also has died - that after all not of a cancer, and from warm insufficiency, but it has already been connected with possibilities of its heart, each person has a limit of a deterioration.

their relations with the son of all simply amazed: as it is known, two senior boys in this family were lost during blockade, Vladimir Vladimirovich was born late, therefore the father and mother (it too short time was treated here) so loved it that it was felt even from outside. Younger Putin`s career has just gone sharply to growth but though for 10 minutes on road from Siberia to Moscow it here called in. Itself came in poselkovyj a little shop, itself chose kefir and apples. But know that is interesting - senior Putin before arrival of the son always spoke: Well, today the president will arrive! - though on a court yard was only 1999, their surname then still nobody knew.

And as to love... Would be more correct to name it gentle friendship. With love at institute it is connected another story altogether: when palatnaja the nurse has married for sick of a cancer to which it has been refused treatment in all clinics. Twenty years already people have lived together, two children have grown up. Here it really act! And all other patients here love equally.

easy breath

the Elderly nurse about which Petersburg gossips, it has appeared the pretty young woman with a gentle voice, the maiden figure and transparent light eyes. Olechka, Olga Alekseevna Verbina, the senior nurse of clinical branch, delikatnejshy and the kindest person. She perplexed is silent, because hearings about its friendship with the father of the present president fly in a window leaf as wounded birds, and do to it painfully. But why? For what?

Yes unless in that has put, what the portrait of the son of one of its former patients hangs now in each official office? Or in nonexistent apartment which for lack of other happy end was thought up to it by a rumour?

- I always respond to it one: Putin to me has presented apartment, and Bill Clinton - a summer residence - Olga Alekseevna tries to joke. And here that tells: - Vladimir Spiridonovich amazing was the person, simply fantastic. It to us became almost as the relative: well present - two years here has spent, on a corridor already all have got used to knock of its stick. In the beginning they lay together with the wife, Maria Ivanovnoj. Have arrived absolutely weak. She has soon died. At first he, of course, awfully grieved - they almost were 70 years together! Certainly, to it it was dullish - the son worked that in Presidential Administration in FSB and once a week escaped from Moscow only - and it would be desirable dialogue. Sisters gave it so much attention, how much could, - but at all the work sea. Here it to me also came into an office. Will sit, will tell: was in the street, birdies heard, was glad that leaflets were dismissed... It gave it a vitality, but it was not the love, and affection. Well after all happens so - we constantly choose someone...

I do not know that Vladimir Spiridonovich felt, when there was one in chamber, in soul to the person will not glance. And to me read verses, something from Pushkin. Songs sang. About war told. It, know, fine prepared. Amazingly! We it as - that came to see houses: it have already written out, but Vladimir Vladimirovich has called and has asked to measure to the father pressure so he in 87 years treated us with fish whom itself has salted! Itself did jam of a strawberry, itself cucumbers preserved, the jelly to feasts cooked!

he did not think at all that will die. Has been assured that will long live - long. Represent, what this happiness: to be paralysed, to lie - and again to start to go! At it inspiration, an impulse any has appeared, desire to live and feel! As - that has declared us: Well a minimum of 35 years still a gain! we only have gasped. And has died for one days. Like all it would be normal - and suddenly warm insufficiency. The heat was such terrible, August, it just was going to go out for a walk, and it became bad...

I took hard his death. It very attentive was and with such kindness me concerned - almost as mum. Will sympathise. Will regret. Sees that I was tired, calls in chamber: Give I seagulls I will put? Have a rest . Know, anybody and never spoke to me: Olechka, sit, well how much it is possible to run? ...

have buried him on the Serafimovsky cemetery - in the same place where all this autumn bury seamen with Kursk . About that in some days his son became the head of the government (it there was a 1999), senior Putin to learn, alas, was not in time...

if romanticists are not present, it is necessary to think up it

And where Vladimir Spiridonovich? Did not arrive still? - some patients till now ask, remembering the kind old man and without guessing the one whom this grandfather had to the present president. People lie here for years, leaving home, lose track each other, and then again meet as relatives.

younger Putin doctors, sanitarki and nurses see now only on the TV and very much about it worry, remembering how every week it came to them to institute with touching string-bags.

and the people, having heard about friendship of the good-natured old man and the careful nurse and having missed romanticism, has invented story about love which was not - in that understanding what in it usually is put by authors of love novels. It has turned out beautifully. And it is a little sad, because more nobody speaks to the senior nurse Olga Verbinoj: Olechka, sit, you so were tired...