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Clapton has combined a christening part with matrimony

the Well-known British musician, 56 - summer Eric Clapton who has not been noticed earlier in extravagant tricks, has unexpectedly got married one of these days to the girlfriend Melajej Makineri in Sacred Maria Magdaliny`s located to jugo church - to the West from London.

also has put at all that it almost for thirty years is more senior the spouse. It appears, all invited, and them has gathered the person twenty, believed that they were called only on Julia Rose`s christening part, by Clapton`s daughters and Makineri by whom recently it was executed six months. However celebrations on it have not ended. The priest just baptising the child, has declared that here there are two persons who would like to get married . Under a rough applause forward left Eric and Melajja.

the Well-known musician has specially arranged with such mystery the matrimony: he wanted, that on it there were only most people close to it. The ceremony place is chosen not casually: after all in this church Eric Konor`s small little son who tragically was lost in 1991 is buried, having fallen with 53 - go a floor of one of nju - jorkskih skyscrapers.