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On the orange Earth will live zvero - people?

2001 - j was only a boundary on a joint of centuries. And here 2002 is the beginning already official approaches of a new century. Time therefore has come to glance in the future which expects us. One of these days known scientists have published calendars of forecasts for the next 20 years of the third millenary. They differ a little, and as a whole supplement each other. It appears, such miracles of a science and technics expect us that it is difficult to believe in them!

the Professor of the Moscow State University Valentine OSOKIN:
global warming

Approaches - In the history of the Earth there were some periods of global warming most ancient of which has happened 135 million years ago. And present warming can begin for a supershort time interval for geology - all about 1000. As the reason large eruption of a volcano or moving litosfernyh plates which will call emission in atmosphere of carbonic gas and the methane contributing in occurrence of greenhouse effect can serve.

the Professor, the head of the Russian society of linguistics George JANITSKY:
remains only four languages

- Within this century, under forecasts World Watch Institute, on a planet from - for ethnic wars, large acts of nature and assimilation of the small people otomret over half of nowadays widespread languages: by 2100 from 6800 remains all nearby 3000. As a result there will be only four languages: English, French, Chinese and Russian. Already now each two weeks on a planet dies one of languages, and first of all - the small people.

Svjatoslav MEDVEDEV, the director of Institute of a brain of the person, St.-Petersburg:
Secret of a brain will open in Russia!

- Unfortunately, next year breaks in brain studying it is not expected. The situation is that that the western scientists have money, but there are no ideas, at us, on the contrary, there are ideas, but there is no money. Therefore revolutionary opening will occur only in some years and to wait for them it is necessary in Russia. We yet do not understand, what exactly distinguishes a human brain from a brain of a monkey. And when nejrofiziologi will find the answer to this question, we will come nearer to understanding of that such the person. And then such forces will be liberated that thermonuclear synthesis will be not necessary to us even.

Cand.Biol.Sci. of Institute of biophysics of a cage of the Russian Academy of Sciences Valentine KARNAUHOV:

the Sun will eat us!

- the Period of the maximum solar activity which has begun in March, 1999, will end only in March, 2002. And all this time the Sun will influence people with the maximum force. Therefore during this period technogenic accidents, natural cataclysms and human dramas are possible.

English physicist Stephen HOKING:
we Will live till 120 years!

in hundred years external appearance of the Earth will cardinally change. From - for an overheat of atmosphere and overproduction of the electric power the Earth from a blue planet will turn at first in yellow, and then in bright - orange.

and in the history of development of the person there will come a new era - the period of planned evolution. Physicians even before conception or on embrionalnoj stages can vybrakovyvat unnecessary members of a society. Thanks to it descendants of the modern person will possess excellent health and to live till 120 years.

WHERE WILL appear the CLONE of the PERSON?

the Deputy director of Institute of molecular genetics of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vyacheslav Tarantul considers that the first clone of the person can appear where - nibud on islands, for example Caribbean where prohibitive laws on cloning do not operate. One of these days in newspaper Daily Yomiuri the statement of the Japanese authorities that the cloning method authorises to bring into the world has been published... The combined embryos cheloveko - animals. (That is in impregnated jajtsekletku an animal human body cages will be implanted. - Red.) Means, can appear cheloveko - beasts or zvero - people?! Under optimistical forecasts of premieres - the minister of Japan Dzjuintiro Koizumu, thus will be killed by one shot two hares: the problem of ethics and possibility of reception of bodies for transplantation by cloning " is solved; special versions of animals : cheloveko - dogs, cheloveko - birds, cheloveko - fishes and so forth

to Beljaevu such also did not dream!

2002 - 2004 On sale there will be a first energy source on the basis of technologies cold thermonuclear synthesis. Therefore oil and coal do not become necessary. there Will be pocket computer, a fax, video - in one a bottle that is the case. Repartition of a climate of the Earth will begin: droughts thanks to occurrence of the biological materials, capable to detain water will disappear. mass building of houses with solar batteries on roofs and facades Will begin.
2005 Will create the first official a human clone. Will invent artificial lungs. Will open essentially new communications mediums - opening not only in the physicist, but also biology become their basis. All housework will be done by computers: even the garbage can itself will start to sort a waste.
2006 - 2009 By the end of 2009 all stocks of the nuclear weapon will destroy. there Will be an artificial blood. Immunologists will finish with AIDS. Physicians will defeat an atherosclerosis. Computers can instantly translate to all languages of the world and texts, and conversation, will operate the car. operations with scalpel application Will disappear: the microrobot - the surgeon will get into all bodies of the person and to make necessary manipulations: to delete blood clots, to enter medicine microdoses... mini - the computer will replace the chemist - the expert, giving out the full information on any substance: the person should not make tests, to builders - to the touch to define quality of materials.
2010 - 2013 In 2011 will invent the first quantum generators, capable to scoop energy directly from space. In 2013 have a rest in space hotel everyone can. we Will learn to darn ozone gaps. Surgeons will learn to connect artificial limbs of muscles and joints to nervous system of the patient. There will be eye artificial limbs which will return sight to the blind. Electromobiles becomes more than internal combustion engines, therefore the gas stations will replace mini - power stations.
2014 - 2016 the Mankind will seize secrets of a matter and will have an opportunity to transform one substance into another, and thus begins possible to receive, for example, precious metals from copper and lead. At oceans there will be floating cities. Transmission of energy will be carried out lost-free by means of superconductors. Will destroy a cancer. Europe becomes the uniform country with the uniform government and uniform computer management system. The army will consist basically of programmers...
2017 - 2019 Will design the machine intelligence surpassing the human. Will create an artificial brain. Ageing process will be stopped. Will think up the medicines, capable to kill any pain. Will invent artificial eyes. there Will be first cyborgs - people, srashchennye with the computer. It will call revolution in a science and the technician both the big moral conflicts and disputes. The hydrogen received in the photo-electric way, becomes one of the major suppliers of energy.
2020 - 2022 To Mars will land the first people.
extraterrestrial civilisations At last will have an effect.
Space tourism becomes a commonplace. By the way, strangely enough, on time Japanese scientists consider as two most remote problems flight to Mars and schizophrenia treatment. That is the brain of the person is represented to scientists more difficult space. Natural products will be appreciated worth its weight in gold and to cost in 100 times above, than the artificial preservatives which have become by the basic meal. It will be possible to reserve a set of desirable qualities in children, up to colour of eyes, hair and love to singing...

That the Horse has prepared for Cocks, Monkeys and Snakes?
east horoscope for 2002

the Horse. Ahead at you perfect, but rough time. If you are going to begin for a long time new life, make it in 2002, after all on east calendar each 12 years the person as though is born anew. You can find pair to yourselves well matched, to find the new house, to open in yourselves unexpected talents, to acquire other profession. Any changes will pass for you without serious consequences. But consider, they can cause travails to relatives.

a goat. Year will be for you difficult enough though unsuccessful it is impossible to name it. The main advice - do not pursue with the last bit of strength leaders: a cart which carries the Horse, - it is obvious not for you. The success extracted by back-breaking toil, can undermine health. Therefore relax and save forces for leap. But on love front you are waited by joyful victories.

a monkey. To you the future year will bring a lot of good, and troubles if will happen, the insignificant. The horse will endow you with every possible entertainments and the interesting friends, new fans and admirers, fascinating trips. Are turned in a round of pleasures, but be careful to make serious decisions on work. Care of career put off.

the Cock. In 2002 for you waits much udach. Thus it is necessary to operate not so much most, how much to direct to the channel necessary to you activity of other people. Be not afraid to begin new affairs, to risk, clash, and at times and the power to use (in reasonable limits). As to affairs amorous love first of all... Itself then there will be a worthy person who will manage to divide this feeling.

a dog. You will surround from different directions with love and care literally: the lack of volunteer assistants and promoters on work and will not be houses. Try to derive from this the maximum benefit: move ahead on an office ladder, conclude good bargains, improve living conditions. But do not get office and business novels: the true love waits for you far from work and the house (however, at many this feeling will arise to the person, with which you familiar for a long time).

the Wild boar. For the sake of success you should work much, in a literal sense to dig the earth: or will find a treasure and will grow rich, or put a basis for prosperity next year. Do not distract especially on private life, refrain from public work: in 2002 you hardly will become famous for good affairs. But new acquaintances can make revolution in destiny.

a rat. New year will be for you rather difficult. Be not overstrained: promotion yet does not threaten you. Do not make large purchases, try to save that at you already is: competent management of property and the capital will bring much more advantage, than new affairs. Also try to get rid of those people who try to press on you.

an ox. To you the next year will bring not less udach and inspirations, than the Horse, truth, tricksters will try to use your achievements. From here advice: be all time for a kind, try to incur command of parade. And here affairs amorous will go not so successfully as you would like. However, once you will have a possibility to meet true love.

a tiger. You should show labour heroism, and glory and mammon already on the way. Do not feel sorry means for creation of own image: they will pay off. Only try to supervise the expenses constantly: it is quite probable that someone from your business partners or members of a family is not quite fair.

a cat. The future year will remind you a feast: be going to accept gifts and to buy of what for a long time dreamt. But be not fond of economic efforts, differently pass the successful moment for a jump to success tops: the following such opportunity will come very much not soon. On travel long be not late: can lose much at home.

a dragon. You can get much and with much to leave, make many opening and errors. During one perfect instant to you will fantastically carry, but in something one: either in affairs, or in love. Besides, you can establish a valuable personal contact which very much will be useful to you. Be extremely attentive to parents and aged relatives.

a snake. As a whole the future year will be for you good, but first of all - in material sphere: you will manage to raise a standard of well-being, to strengthen authority on work and in a family. And here in private life of changes to the best it is not expected yet, and do not show the initiative even if as to you will seem, you will be pierced with arrows of the Cupid, is better go to any pleasant travel.

astrologist Lina the SAVANSKY.