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If Peter I has not delivered a potato, Byelorussians would not be

So, in a big way having noted the 40 - letie (“ wrote about it in number from November, 9th of this year), Club of the cheerful and resourceful has passed on fifth ten. Life in KVNe continues to be in full swing, and we continue to acquaint you with the brightest commands. Our today`s story - about the command of the Belarus state university (BGU). Byelorussians already conquered the higher league of KVN in 1999, and in this season have every chance to become double champions.

on October, 20th in semi-final BGU with shine has won " team; the Siberian Siberians “ (Tomsk - Novosibirsk) and now in solving game on December, 15th will meet with “ Tired with the sun “ from Sochi. Televiewers will see this meeting on January, 2nd, 2002.

jokes about Lukashenko

Belarus kaveenshchiki, perhaps, more than others joke on political subjects. It was especially appreciable in the first years of existence of the command: during that time when children from BGU did the first steps on KVN scene, the first steps on a political scene were done also by the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. Therefore many jokes kaveenshchikov represented direct citations from Lukashenko. But difficult economic times have then come, sponsors have disappeared, and the Presidential Administration has magnanimously helped cheerful hloptsam. After that ΑΓΣ command began to be kidding less over Alexander Grigorevichem. Jokes have passed in a plane of association of two brotherly slavonic people, and also national features of Byelorussians.

stars of teleserials

Belarus kaveenshchiki show The remarkable talent not only on a scene of Club cheerful and resourceful. So, group of script writers of the Russian parody teleserial “ the Accelerated help “ half consists of Byelorussians: It is Lenja Kuprido, Slava Murugov, Sergey Olehnik, Alexander Gavrilchik. Natives of ΑΓΣ command and over scenarios of programs " worked; the Song of year “ “ Morning mail “ “ Good evening “ with Igor Ugolnikovym, “ Army shop “ a serial “ FM and children “.

the Line-up

Captain Vitaly Shljappo, Andrey Derkov, Vitaly Kolomiets, Vadim Galygin, Cyril Papakul, Victor Tolkach, Alexander Trofimov and also players of the previous generations. In total - about thirty persons.

sources had Petrovich

the Founder of the Belarus command of KVN it is considered nowadays, unfortunately, dead Andrey Petrovich Andreev or Petrovich as ljubovno its children named is simple. Petrovich in due time itself played to the command of the Belarus university in which in the beginning studied, and then taught history and supervised over student`s theatre. In second half 80 - h when KVN has returned on TV screens, Petrovich has formed the team on the basis of university and the Minsk medical institute. In 1993 children have passed through a qualifying tournament sieve in Voronezh and have straight off got to the higher league. By the way, contrary to the name - BGU - in that, the first, a line-up of graduates of university was no more than half: not diploma, and talent was the basic criterion of selection. Captain Lenja Kuprido, for example, has ended journalistic courses, Natalia Petrenko worked as the singing-master at school, Valery Shehovtsov - the miner, ministered to Slava Murugov on artillery base in Brest and has served to a rank of the captain.

the command second generation successfully played to the higher league of KVN four years. In 1996 begeushniki have reached the ending, but there have lost: there was no trifle and hardly luck.

and then the command has decided to update completely the structure at the expense of young children. For this purpose declared Open championship BGU on game of KVN and have selected the best players from commands from all Belarus. So the command third generation was born. At first “ old men “ helped them to write scenarios, to do homeworks, and it is frequent, during game, even - to change clothes behind side scenes. In 1999 - m Byelorussians have won the higher league, in 2000 - m in Cyprus have beaten in a meeting for the Cup of champions “ Children of lieutenant Schmidt “ from Tomsk, and in it, 2001, year have already won a prize “ Gold Kivin “ at festival “ Wailing Kivin “ in Jurmala. Now ahead - the December ending of this season.

competitors? This state of emergency!

From this year in the higher league of KVN one more Belarus command - state of emergency acts. Children from BGU concern it philosophically - easy: a pier, and the national team of Belarus on football can defeat a team of Italy one separately taken game. That is time will tell, on what you are really capable. While as seniors, more skilled, companions kaveenshchiki from BGU than can help kaveenshchikam from state of emergency. On one platform the destiny two these commands yet did not reduce.

here many say that we in Belarus sit yes we keep mum. It is not necessary to generalise: someone sits, and someone keeps mum.

the more we love the woman, the it is less than time for sex.

in Moscow lives 10 million, and in Belarus lives 10 million. And many, naturally, are afraid that two Moscow Russia will not pull.

a problem. One sober diligent sanitary technician can contain three houses in a perfect order. Two thousand sober diligent sanitary technicians can keep in order all city. It is asked: where to take two thousand sober diligent sanitary technicians?

If you very much are afraid to grow plump, drink before meal of 50 grammes to cognac - it dulls sensation of fear.

we with the neighbour in chess played yesterday.
- well and who of whom?
- anybody of anybody! We in chess played!

Berrimor, your wife all night long cried. You that, is bad with it have managed?
opposite, has fine done without it!

In the Chinese alphabet of 15000 hieroglyphs! Do not allow to you to see God Chinese “ the Miracle field “ - senseless and ruthless!

from - for strong frosts Katya Lel`s concerts in Yakutia have broken. Again the nature rises on protection of the person!

I have left the girl.
- and you spoke, at it a foot from ears...
- and you saw, where at it ears?!

if Peter I has not delivered a potato, Byelorussians on a broader scale would not be.

I have woken up today, I look - something not that! And the main thing, “ something not that “ too has woken up: “ I Want some coffee! I want some coffee! “

on the Internet there was a site of psychiatric hospital. The address: www, be - be - be, m - m - m, fr - fr - fr!

Get out, show imagination... As thy parents 23 years ago!

you Remember, I have knocked you once a stool on the head? And so, I not meant it.

answer questions.
- a floor?
- man`s.
- distinguishers are?
- yes as much as necessary!
- it is bad. There should be only one!

Joseph Stalin in the childhood was the frail boy. Happened, will faint, and to a kind does not submit. People think: the boy simply sits, a tube smokes.

the Cheburashka grew in atmosphere of a hardship and nervous shocks. Still: To see, how thy best friend on thy eyes postpones eggs...

commemorating of New year in chamber Ή 3 has tragically ended: distrofik Zjukin was undermined on a petard.

Have met as - that King - Kong and the Godzilla. For a meeting have crushed on the small.

joiner Pupkin has repeated achievement of Father Karlo. It so has got drunk that DSP has started talking.

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