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The president does not know, where there are windows of its office!

on June, 12th, in Independence Day, on RTR will show a new documentary film Putin. Leap-year . Apparently, Vitaly Mansky`s picture does not become court rassharkivaniem the state channel before the owner, and will logically finish the trilogy about Soviet - the Russian presidents, begun with Gorbachev and Yeltsin. As the author, " speaks; these are fair sights at people which corrected us recently .
- to Film about the working president it was difficult?
- it is difficult in the sense that two previous heroes - pensioners. And, say, with Gorbachev we could go to Berlin or Rome to remove any episode. Putin - very occupied the person, time for special shootings it was not simple. Sometimes it turned out so: there is a president from one case of the Kremlin to another - all road occupies three minutes, silly to go by the car - only then with it and it is possible to talk.
- you were familiar with Putin earlier?
- Is not present. But, it seems to me, I have learnt and have felt it. Both from personal contact, and for other reasons. Perhaps, I will open now military or state secret, but on the shots which have been removed during visit of Putin to Japan, I have seen its trainer on a judo. And on shooting of its private birthday - among plenipotentiaries, representatives of administration - the person who when - that employed him sat. But after all it is not casual they there have got. Means, the president remembers people expensive to it and cares of them! In a word, I did a film about the person who felt and about which I am in earnest so, what even have dared to tell that in it it is not pleasant to me.
- also what you have told?
- I have told that I am am confused with its certain political uncertainty and excessive passy aside left a hymn, for example. That there is any not clear artful game... Well and so on.
- And how it has reacted?
- it is very interested. It seemed to me that to it infrequently about it speak.
- that new it is possible to learn about Putin from a film?
- I think, spectators will see many things which will surprise them. Here it was interesting to me to learn, how much the president is curious. And I have asked, a leah knows it where there are windows of its office in the Kremlin, after all they are curtained. It has appeared, he did not know! Or when we have arrived to it home, I have seen shocking yellow colour upholstered furniture - I with such would not live day. And I have told softly: Yes at you here, as in obkomovskoj to hostel . And it: Well so state all . I continue: And the sofa of this colour does not irritate you? it in the answer: And I do not see it. I do not pay attention . It would Seem, where the president and where a sofa?! But it is very important for understanding of the person, it is made of what test.
- That is when spectators will watch your film, they will see Putin other eyes?
- At those who already saw this picture, sensation unequivocal: What it, appears, the good, interesting person, it is impossible to present! Though, probably, any political strategists will tell to me: well you to us podsuropil! We poured out a monument of bronze, without feeling sorry forces and health, and you in one day have spoilt all.
- the president was how much accessible during shootings? Here how you have appeared at his place?
is has occurred casually. We have agreed about shootings in the Kremlin but when it was released, was already very much late, he was tired and has suggested to move towards the house. We have passed on foot through all Kremlin but when have reached Borovitsky gate, have felt that have not finished speaking. And then he has suggested to sit down with it in the car, and all road we again talked. Have called in to it home - the family sleeps. And it floats every evening and has suggested to go to pool together.
- also what, you floated together with the president?
- And here I will not tell - let spectators will look, it is in a film.
- in your opinion, Putin really the most human person how tell many, personally having got acquainted with it?
- It simply normal person. That image which of it try to blind, is an image of absolutely sterile car. And it, thank God, is unsterile. Wine by which do by means of special units, differs from that, house when grapes knead feet. Because from feet the fungus there gets, and it wanders, types taste. I hope to be correctly understood. And so, our president, basically, with this fungus - it present, not sterile, not the robot - it the live person.