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ANIMAL passions of politicians

In the State Duma grow thin even the lean...
And all has begun that in the State Duma bookstall have delivered the booklet of the fashionable Frenchman - dietician Montinjaka. Unlike classical advice less to eat the Frenchman, on the contrary, directly from a cover advises to the insatiable: Eat, that... To grow thin .
And - hits the nail! Grown plump (owing to age and professional work) the deputy case dared the booklet in a flash - and took both elects, and the assistants sent. (By the way, is more detailed about this and other diets we will tell in following release fatties ) .
- I took at once some books, - the deputy from Union of Right Forces thin Andrey Woolf shares with me. - has read and began to carry out. To tell the truth, not so believed in result, but nevertheless has refused according to the advice of Montinjaka a potato, bread and sugar. And - here those a cross! - for a month has dumped 7 kilogrammes! For following - 8 more.
Here one more deputy has approached to us - Alexander Barannikov. It appears, it too the inveterate follower a miracle - diets and too has lost for short term at once 13 kg. but at you after all and so, forgive, by sight 44 - j the youthful size - I have not restrained. But the lucky beggar only gifts me with an indulgent sight, and Woolf whispers on an ear: You that, we are not going to throw this business!
on a diet of Montenjaka has sat down, on hearings, couple of months back and the leader of Union of Right Forces Boris Nemtsov. Results while carefully disappear, it is known only that in the right pocket at 100 - the kilogramme leader right is for quite some time now stored saharozamenitel. However, Nemtsov not vpervoj grows thin: on memoirs of its old acquaintances as - that on the governmental summer residence it held a strict diet the whole month. But towards the end of abiding has not restrained - in the face of all has devoured the whole plate of cakes (under the version of the story-teller, pieces 20 ) .
Vitse - the speaker of the State Duma George Boos also will be heavier than Nemtsov, and character has more feasibly. On information, couple of months back one of English professors - dieticians has developed for it a personal diet. Its essence - in compatibility of an organism with certain products. The bread, all farinaceous food and sweets are categorically excluded. It is impossible to drink tea, champagne and red wine - too. It is forbidden to eat black grapes and plums, but the recommendation of the dietician became the most painfull for the Boss... There is no ice-cream! As it was found out, vitse - the speaker madly loves ice-cream with a strawberry, is equal as a sweet fruit candy and sweets the Bear clumsy . But, alas... But what result - for two months Boos has dumped 15 kg, and as has joyfully informed me its tiny a press - the secretary Irina, here - here its chief will cardinally update the clothes. And that, is remembered, eks - the minister of taxes of Repairings complained to us that Boos for a while replacing it on ministerial fast, has been urged to cut slightly a desktop - a stomach not prolazil...
the leader the Apple Grigory Javlinsky too adheres to a diet, but not so strict. Its principle - is less than cholesterol therefore, being recently in, the eternal oppositionist carefully soskrebyval from a sandwich butter.
and here round deputy Mitrofanov from LDPR fairly admitted that spits on all diets, shriving legendary Churchill`s principle: longer to live, it is necessary to exclude playing sports and is " more;. However, he still smoked cigars, and I was not accustomed yet. And gymnastics sometimes I do in the mornings. But it after all not sports - Zhirinovsky`s correct associate explained to me. And on my tactless question when it last time stood on scales, Mitrofanov fairly admitted: I Am weighed regularly. But at an arrow I try not to look: simply hardly I will stand on scales and I push them back under a bed .
... And in the White house have passed to a soya
the Duma fashion on burning superfluous kilogrammes has come and to the government, though scales of this celebration of reason (or madnesses?) There it is less. Inhabitants the White house now more and more harmonous yes the lean. Though both among ministers, and among apparatchikov is such to whom would not prevent to go on a diet. After all not by us it is noticed - as soon as the Russian person gets to an armchair of the chief, it promptly types not only political weight, but also it is a lot of to fat. Room work, a car with the driver near by and shortage of time for physical culture affects. Probably, therefore in the menu belodomovskoj a dining room on Krasnopresnensky quay along with caviar, shnitseljami, bitochkami, zrazas and beljashami very many dietary products. And last a counter here - soya products. And in the governmental dining room deliver not only soya milk, but even soya meat.
I do not know, a leah loves a soya prime minister Kasyanov, however for the past year he has considerably grown thin (though solidity has not lost). On spetsdiete, truth, did not sit and over the organism especially did not behave with brutality, nevertheless correct to a power supply system adhered strictly. Authentic sources inform that favourite dishes of the prime minister - fresh vegetables and fish. And Kasyanov affords meat once a week.
Vitse - Valentine Matvienko`s prime minister unlike the majority of women on a diet too does not sit. But a figure watches strictly. To keep the shape to it the dense operating schedule, probably, helps: happens, in the state cares and there is no time to have dinner - continuous coffee cups. If a dinner under the schedule from the governmental dining room in Matvienko`s office usually reserves two salads and vegetable soup. Well and on Sundays - sports hall and pool, here and all recipe of a weight loss from Matvienko.
the minister of culture Michael Shvydkoj too is not anxious by a weight loss problem. On a diet never sat, but the recipe how not to grow stout, nevertheless knows. On a banquet on the occasion of opening of the Moscow film festival Shvydkoj has officially declared to us that for this purpose it is necessary... On a broader scale is nothing and not to drink! But as thus not to play a box - has not explained.

Brezhnev has refused bread, and Antropov - from salt
almost with maniacal passion struggled In due time with a body weight and Leonid Brezhnev. From the middle 70 - h the secretary general has refused bread, has passed to cabbage, cottage cheese and a beet. It was constantly weighed on scales and was upset from - for each superfluous halves a kilogramme. Though the fat man Leonid Ilich in general - that was not. At growth of 178 centimetres weighed 90 - 92 kgs.
to one more secretary general, Vladimir Antropov, too it was necessary it is not sweet - many years he kept to a strict saltless diet. However not whims for the sake of, and health for. Kidneys, as it is known, were ill Antropov, and the salty food has been absolutely counter-indicative to it.

from the book From the first person. Conversations with Vladimir Putin
Putin: We have arrived from Russia (to GDR. - Red.) where turns and deficiency, and there all was much. Here - that I of kgs 12 also have added. Began to weigh 85.
- And now how much weigh?
- 75.
- That you there so were dismissed? Beer?
- Certainly! We regularly went in small small town Radeberg... I took such cylinder on three with superfluous litre. Beer in it you pour, then kranik you press - and you drink, as from a butt. Here also it turned out in a week regularly 3,8 litres of beer. And before work two steps from the house so superfluous calories you will not dump.