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The dollar took 30 - the rouble boundary

Dollar stole up for a long time to a mark in 30 one rubles. But the rouble supported by the Central Bank, stood as the tin tell-tale. And here in the beginning of this week of the Central Bank has handed over positions at the Moscow interbank currency stock exchange (Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange), and green has without effort prevailed against an important boundary.

analysts are uniform in opinion: the return way already is not present.

- Bankers any more will not want to leave dollars more cheaply, - the chief - dealer Orgbanka Alexander of Queens speaks. - 30 roubles are after all not simply figure, and psychologically important boundary. Probably, the next week the Central Bank official rate will grow up for 5 - 10 copecks, and by the end of December again will decrease to tridtsatirublevoj marks. It is connected by that on finish of year business pays taxes and it is required to it of more roubles.

also Prenew Year`s revival at windows of exchangers any day will begin. Many Russians will run to change a dollar grist for roubles that was on what to buy celebratory gifts. But experts do not advise it to do.

- dollars are better for selling after New year if there is no emergency, - Cyril Lubensky, the deputy chief credit - monetary management of IMPEKSBANK considers. - in January - February the dollar will necessarily rise in price, and then you receive more roubles.