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Who with Kalashom to us will come, from Nikonova also will be lost!

It seems that undivided to reign Kalashnikov`s legendary automatic machine (AKM) the end comes - it is restricted energetically by the automatic machine of a design of Gennady Nikonova (AN - 94). On Izhevsk machine-building factory now collect large party of this Russian weapon. It is necessary to remember that destiny AN developed hard: developed still in the end of 80 - h the automatic machine long time called mistrust army officials, it did not start up in a batch production. But AN in open rivalry with AKM on shooting ranges has managed to prove that it is capable to press an eminent colleague. Nikonov some years consists on arms of some army parts, and fighters on it will not be extolled. The main worthiness of automatic machine Nikonova consists that before return will strike in a shoulder of the marksman, the automatic machine has time to shoot 2 times. It considerably raises probability of defeat of the purpose.

Such quality any automatic machine in the world yet does not possess. Calibre AN - 94 - 5,45 mm, weight - about 4 kg, length in the spread out position - 970 mm, rate of shooting - from 600 to 1800 shots in minute, shop capacity - 30 cartridges. By the way, cartridges to Nikonovu too are improved - they possess raised broneprobivaemostju.