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the 19-year-old teenager for one hour stole 5 machines

In the Russian city of Magnitogorsk (the Chelyabinsk area) the 19-year-old young man managed all for one hour to steal five cars.

« Будучи tipsy, the car thief opened a car, was rolled, then threw it where it is necessary, and stole another, – the Press Secretary told Life News ATC Magnitogorsk Grigory Susarin. – He has been delayed by employees a FIRE EXT about 6 mornings when the criminal looked narrowly to new машине » .

All stealings made in one disctrict of the city. Machines have not been equipped by a signalling and to steal them for the young man did not constitute work. By the way, in sight militias the young man already got time and again: it had a previous conviction under the article « Побои » and « Самоуправство » . Thus the guy anywhere did not study and did not work.

by the present moment all cars are returned holders , the question on a preventive punishment for the young car thief is solved.