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the American dream: Ford constructs on autoshow SEMA some show-trakov

Hardly any of them has chances to go to a series.

tuning autoshow in Las Vegas by right can be considered as one of the brightest exhibitions on a planet. Almost not burdened by cares of economy or ecology Americans present here the present toys for « больших мальчиков » often without reflecting at all on their practical value. To the next autoshow opening the doors for fans in some days, Ford prepared at once a little kontseptov, naturally, beating rather popular theme in the local market - pickups and utility trucks.

Ford F-150 from Godfather Customs . Strangely enough, the ecology became a theme of this truck. In the American understanding. Under a cowling « экономичный » 3,5-litre turbomotor families EcoBoost . It straddled effectively prorezanym a cowling. Here dropped for bolshej dynamics and especially effected effect the suspension with drowned deeply in the expanded arches zachernennymi wheels. Exclusive dark green colour of the body, effectively arranged light engineering and a little « блестящих » changes in interior supplement a picture.

a similar way selected for itself and children from The Custom Shop . Them Ford F-150 also is equipped by the 3,5-litre engine with a mark EcoBoost , but thus engineers worked over a body, trying to facilitate details or even to retract unnecessary of them. Alleviated cast disks of wheels and the tyre with reduced resistance to rolling also work on ecological image. It is remarkable, what even paint Du Pont used in effective registration of appearance, contains the dropped contents « летучих organic элементов » . And here the similar economy did not mention interior: here on the contrary all is arranged in expensive kinds of leather.

A.R.E. Accessories approached to same « базовому » Ford F-150 it is more reserved. Except the big wheels with nizkoprofilnymi tyres yes small « дизайнерских штучек » other changes it is not planned. But not to notice this pickup at rest (especially at rest near stadium) it is simply impossible. Artists « раскрасили » a body in the American football themes, wishing to stress « честь and историю » one of national sports.

one more Ford Project TTC F-150 from Mickey Thompson already urged to remain an off-road car. 35-inch tyres for performances in bahah, liftovanaja the suspension, new light engineering and a fighting colouring do not leave at unprepared spectators of doubts in vseprohodimosti a show penalty. Engineers added much « хардкорных » units and in engineering. However, in a backweight « боевому » To style of appearance and stuffing the model interior is improved by the exclusive skin, the advanced audio-video-system and navigation.

Skyjacker Suspensions as suggests a title, also are fond of increase in a clearance and courses of suspensions of civil machines. Them Ford F-350 Super Duty received a firm kit of springs, dampers and stabilising skegs, and also special reinforced bumpers, protection of a body and light engineering. All together does by its serious rascal of any vnedorozhja, despising high speed avtobany.

to Iron night club asphalt another is called Ford F-350 Super Duty - teamwork Cars by Kris and Airhead Kustoms . Them Pit Boss it is ready as required not only to tear racers-fans at the nearest cafe, but also to go out on quite professional racing ring. The dropped suspension, ultralow-profile tyres and aerodynamic weather-cloth help let and not categorical, but to numerous alterations under a cowling to achieve the first stages of a podium. It is interesting that thus the holder should remain in complete comfort: in interior it is surrounded with expensive skin and the long list of electronic gadgets.

and only Ford F-350 Super Duty from Rize Industries is not baked about comfort of interior. The cargo hold equipped all necessary for safe delivery to a place of competitions of a command motokrossmenov and their fighting horses became its main advantage. The liftovanaja suspension and aggressive tyres allow to reach without problems even in the most wild angles of the nature. And the marching workshop allows to continue to enjoy in any solitude twin-wheel freedom to the passengers.