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the Aroma demanding replacement veloshlema

It is created veloshlem which by means of an unpleasant odour will inform the holder on the old age and necessity of replacement.

to necessity of replacement of a helmet paid attention in of Germany where set velosopedistov do not prepare to throw out for a long time become outdated veloshlemy which because of rends and an old age of materials are not so capable to execute the functions effectively.

to force bicyclists to change the protective helmets, специалисты ; ; Fraungofersky institute of mechanics and materials IWM in Freiburg in cooperation with Institute Fraungofera on ecology, security and power technologies UMSICHT in Oberhausen created veloshlem from polymeric materials and plastic which starts to exude in due course an unpleasant odour.

There is it in process of crystal ageing when in a material there are microrends. If there are large rends, for example, at damage, the present stench begins. Odour Istochnik are « душистое » the oil finding in microcapsules, which « залиты » in polipropelenovyj a helmet skeleton. For providing germetichnsti capsules at a phase of production and an initial phase of operation of a helmet of a capsule become covered by a layer melaminovoj resins.

Such capsules in process to be poured a skeleton under pressure vydezhivajut temperatutru 200-300 hail. On Celsius and static pressure 100 bar. Capsules sproektirovany in a computer simulation jota. Their size from 1 to 50 microns