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The silver prize-winner of the Olympic Games - 1988 Victors DENISS: of Medals never was proud

As already wrote (the archive see), the Tver athlete Olga Ivanov will act in Beijing. Last summer Olympic Games in which the Tver sportsmen participated, passed in Seoul twenty years ago. To Someone those games were remembered by brilliant victories of the Soviet football players and basketball players. And at tverichan there was a special occasion to pride: our fellow countryman Victor Deniss has won two silver awards in competitions on rowing in a kayak - to the two and as a part of four crew. And in the first case to gold tverichaninu there were no 17 100-th seconds, in the second - 12 of the 100-th

- Victor Viktorovich that was more: pleasures from silver or disappointments of that did not take gold ?

- Pleasures was more. Have got on the Olympic games, have proved that we one of the strongest. And all - taki, especially after the second silver medal, was hardly - hardly is insulting. On a distance of 500 metres in to the two we have lost to the Olympic champions of 1984, new Zealanders. One was 32 years old, other 36 years, for them the Olympic Games in Seoul were last. They carefully prepared for it. Long could not define, who has defeated. It was necessary to resort to the help of a photo finish.

- To judges there were no claims?

- Is not present. Then was not such that ours condemned. At judicial group always there were representatives of Soviet Union. All disputable situations were resolved in common. A photo finish time looked through fifteen. Have shown a picture where it is visible: all of us have conceded

To the Olympic Games in Seoul I some years acted. Being at youthful age, has passed selection on the Olympic games in Atlanta in 1984. But the Olympic Games then have not taken place. Could participate in two Olympic Games. It has not turned out to go to Barcelona from - for disorder of Soviet Union, and before the Olympic Games - 96 at me was a small trauma of a brush, and trainers, seemingly, have not believed that I can act up to the mark, took other candidates.

- And how your partners in a national team have acted?

- have taken the third place. I was glad for them. Has checked up pulse after their performance - 198! Actually together with them chased, sitting in Tver at the TV

- Victor Viktorovich how your life after the Olympic Games in Seoul has changed?
- I still supported Russian national team, then study, work Tried to work in commercial structures, have then understood that it not mine, have returned to sports. Worked as the trainer, the director of sports school. After closing of city school I work as the trainer at regional school by rowing kinds, also it was arranged with the security guard.
- That you remember Seoul: competitions or dialogue, atmosphere on Games?
- all Is remembered together. We owned colloquial English, it was possible to communicate to sportsmen from other countries - to congratulate on victory or, to the contrary, to sympathise. The pleasure from dialogue, goodwill was remembered, including from Americans. Was not such that spoke: a pier, we will show you Kuzkinu mother. And now this spirit was saved. As now in Beijing have prepared the rich cultural program. Starts by starts but to look at other country, to learn it more close too interesting.

- If not a secret as have encouraged you for two silver Seoul?

- Have encouraged well. Then on bonus we could buy the car Volga . Then sportsmen had also salaries quite good - more than the engineer earned.

- Volga have bought?

- It has turned out so that Volga have distributed to one pensioner, and to me has got the nine . The car is more modern, pomolodezhnej. I was not upset

- the Olympic Games have brought to you popularity? In Tver you learn?

- Learn. Though has already passed twenty years. Basically in Tver I remained one of our fellow countrymen - prize-winners of the Olympic games. Sometimes even autographs ask. But I never was proud of medals.

- With what feelings will look the Olympic Games in Beijing?

- the Olympic Games are both stirring, and pleasure. And, of course, nostalgia. On the Olympic Games I was once, but still had twice training the Preolympic preparation. And itself worried, when looked performances of our children on the Olympic games. It is now twice interesting, because as I have noticed, at our sportsmen the commercial vein, and the present patriotism is shown not. Acting on the Olympic Games, sportsmen understand that not always the material component is main. In the beginning of formation of Russia as sports power it was necessary to prove that it is the assignee of Soviet Union. Now it is necessary to confirm that we remain great sports power.

It is a huge sports feast, when it is possible to take vacation to look at translations. As show the Olympic Games in great volume. It is the best propagation for youth of a healthy way of life!

It is a pity, of course, that to the Russian representatives of rowing and our Naste Sergeevoj hardly - nearly has not carried at selection on the Olympic Games. And for children, kanoistov and bajdarochnikov, it is very glad. I think, they will not bring. Earlier for medals oarsmen of three countries struggled: Germany, Hungary, the USSR. Now it is Italy, Spain, France, other countries.

the Competition all becomes more serious. To observe of it, of course, it is very interesting. At the same time it became more difficult to prepare sportsmen for starts. It is a question first of all of moral preparation


Denisov Victor Viktorovich. Was born on April, 2nd, 1966 in Kalinin. The merited master of sports. The repeated champion of Soviet Union on rowing on kayaks. The sevenfold world champion in various classes of boats - kayaks. The double silver prize-winner of the Olympic Games in Seoul. It is awarded the order an honour Sign a medal For labour difference . Lives and works in Tver.