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Across Latvia the unemployment phantom

Agency SKP News -
specially for in Northern Europe " wanders;

As   in   Latvia   recession, it   has begun; can   to lead to reduction   quantities of workplaces   in the country, has informed     local     to the edition Telegraph expert Hansabanka on socially - to economic problems of Peteris Strautinsh.

It will lead also   to that   a part of inhabitants   republics become economically inactive, that is, will postpone job search till the best times.

Within a year in the country   also   became more and those who searches for work. Obviously, some families have made the decision that else someone from members of a family should bring the contribution to the family budget.

Together   with that, by data   Latvian TSSU, economy braking   the countries   It was not reflected yet in a labour market. However at forthcoming process of reduction of number efficient   the population are also positive sides, assure   experts as to the enterprises working for export, it will be easier to find     good employees.