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The Azores: the whales, boiling clay and black sand

Russians think of ecotourism as about something far and absolutely not clear. To dig a potato on a summer residence - too quite to itself ecological rest! And here Europeans like to get out of stuffy cities where - nibud far away. For example, to the Azores. You do not know, where it? Strangely enough, in Europe. But thus it is more than in one thousand kilometres from the Portuguese capital of Lisbon, in the middle of Atlantic ocean...

to Look at a whale

the Main attraction of islands - sea tours. Tens boats with tourists go every morning to ocean - to look at whales in a native habitat. To see them it is really simple, a leah only here you will make out from 50 metres much? And it is the minimum distance on which it is authorised to swim up to boats. Also forget about bathing with whales! Allow to dive only to dolphins, and that at own risk. No insurance thus operates. Alternatively similar tours can try... Usual passenger ferry. Having gone to swimming on other island, there is every chance to see whales absolutely free of charge and close. To us here has carried. Nearby to the ship and the whale started up the fountains, and the flight of dolphins has slipped. It is not assured that in tour for 50 euros would show more.

Kitchen on a volcano

the Archipelago consisting of nine islands, - a place unique. At least the climate. Gulf Stream passing nearby softens weather on the scraps of a land located in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Even in the winter the temperature does not fall more low +10, and does not rise above +30 in the summer. And it is possible to bathe almost all year long. Including thanks to numerous hot wells which beat even at ocean. There are places where they perfectly warm up the Atlantic water during outflow. Whether it be December or July!

the Most occupied from archipelago islands - San Migel. Only thousand two hundred inhabitants - and on number of sights it will give odds, apparently, to any untwisted resort island.

All at one and a half o`clock from capital hailstones of Pontus Delgada are small town Furnas and a lagoon of Fogo. Round it the pedestrian route which is passing by church of unique architecture, making the way through dense thickets of a bamboo and twisted among the trees inclined over water is laid. It is difficult to believe that all these beauty - result of volcanic activity, yet you will not see set so-called kalden . From - under the earths heated steam escapes. It forces to boil clay, than local residents use for meal preparation. Do an ambry, place in it meat, fruit and throw clay. Slowly but surely under popyhivajushchim the ferry a hillock prepares kozido .

Terra Nostra

a Terra of Nostra have broken Unique park one and a half centuries ago so the first plants already look huge giants. Nearby to an input - spacious, but superficial pool. Water in it of rusty colour, but all because that arrives directly from - under the earths! Only having lowered in it feet, you understand that the temperature - that in any way is less than 40 degrees!

park - a work of art. A unique place of Europe where it is possible not to see such variety of plants under a roof. Aromas attack from different directions, and thanks to vegetation the district changes to unrecognizability literally through each one hundred metres. That you looked at ridiculous lying palm trees - and it has suddenly appeared in the middle of the huge flower bed fenced with a green hedge. It is possible to bathe and walk though all the day. An input only 4 euros.

One more place of interest the Dignity of Migela - sources Caldeira Velha in mounts nearby to small town Ribejra Grande. It is possible to reach here only by a taxi or with excursion. From tens minutes on foot - and you about small falls. In a lake from height in some metres from a rock water stream falls. Hot it to name difficult. It, perhaps, only warmish. But what massage!

Multi-coloured lakes

On sweet we have left, perhaps, most beautiful place of island - a kind from crater edge on double lake and small town Sete Cidades. To go here forty minutes by the bus from the centre of Pontus Delgada. One lake green, and another - dark blue, and on the bank of this magnificence costs as if toy small town. It seems, it is possible to reach water a hand. It is not necessary to experiment, an optical deceit - underfoot breakage in kind one hundred metres!   abrupt slopes are occupied is black - white cows who with surprise look at travellers. They wait the car with the big can in which the nadoj collect local severe dojary.

the Beach from black sand

Almost all beaches on Azorah - from black volcanic sand.   good sandy beaches are in basic San Migela at southern coast. There it is possible to take pleasure in ocean waves and even to drive on surf.

Except them, almost in each village or small town the natural free pool is constructed. Money takes only for a plank bed, a shower, a toilet and pereodevalki - is free.


In September - October temperature of air +20... +23, waters of +22 degrees.


Travel agencies offer programs for 2 weeks:

4 days of excursions in Lisbon, 5 days of rest on San Migel island and 4 days on island Tersejra.

3 days in Lisbon, 5 days on Azorah and more 6 days of a relax on other Portuguese island, Madiera.

Week of excursions across Portugal, then week of rest on Azorah.

Cost - from 1940 euros on the person (the hotel 3 *, a food - breakfasts, air flight is included in cost).

Details: quinta. ru, vand. ru


How to reach

Direct flights to Azory from Russia are not present, and any airline does not give the through tariff. So it is necessary to fly under two tickets through one of the European capitals. It is possible to choose Lisbon, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Madrid and pair of the Scandinavian cities. On islands local charters, the Portuguese airline TAP (http fly:// www. flytap. com/) and azorskaja SATA (http:// www. sata. pt/). We have chosen last as it allows a discount for flights between islands. Flight took from Madrid where have reached on Aeroflot . All flight costs from thousand dollars, and in air it is necessary to spend about 8 hours. By the way, a difference in time between Moscow and Azorami - 4 hours.

the Visa

Portuguese shengen. From us even a fax about booking confirmation of hostel have not demanded, having satisfied with electronic tickets and a hotel reservation through the Internet - a site.


Hostels 3 - 4* or small private boards. The prices it is separated depending on a season. High it is necessary for July - August, when least rains. At this time the double room costs from 80 to 100 euros for a night. The breakfast is included in a room rate of the majority of hostels, but... It is madly monotonous. That something to change, to move to other hostel, differently better and every morning will is an omelette and bacon.


bus service on San Migele (the schedule can be asked at office on tourism), and here, for example, is well organised on Santa Maria it cannot use on a broader scale. Here to the tourist to the aid taxi drivers also come. Counters at them are not present so to learn the price to an ending point costs in advance.

From island on island it is possible to get over or on ferries which go not too often, or by planes SATA. Distances small, but a way on water from a city of Pontus Delgada to the nearest island - 3,5 hours, and to the others - not less than seven. And the ships only float in the afternoon. The schedule can be found on atlanticoline. pt and transmacor. pt.