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17 instants of spring : Stierlitz Gomiashvili could play and Strizhenov

the Picture about Stierlitz from the first display became national a hit . And hero Isaev - Stierlitz has for ever turned to the national hero and the character of numerous jokes. Surprisingly, but this heavy artillery our cinema, serious and man`s (in roles in overwhelming majority of the man - actors) the film was removed by the lady - Tatyana Lioznova. Today Tatyana Mihajlovna is ill, but has found forces to answer questions of the correspondent on how its main thing   was born; a child - 17 instants of spring .

Tikhonov read the text on a piece of paper

- Stierlitz Role would glorify any actor, - Lioznova is convinced today. - All - a plot, actors - worked on one hero, Stierlitz. During shootings I spoke to Tikhonov: Oh, Slavka, you will wake up well-known! it has been predetermined. I attached significance to each sight of the actor - at Glory expressive eyes.

But once it has dumbfounded me. I always came with the operator to film-making pavilion of the first. We built in advance stage settings. Rails for the chamber kept within, and I lost a scene itself (the text by heart knew).

And here I have lost Tikhonov`s scene with the Pastor (Pljattom). Actors have come into pavilion, have sat down, I - for the chamber and speak to Glory: Let`s honour the text . But here it appears that he does not know the text!  

We have rearranged the chamber so that in a shot there was Pljatt. Tikhonov on a leaflet read a role. For four doubles we have removed it. But he peeped all in a leaflet, and I pretended that I do not notice. But as a whole Tikhonov has fulfilled all picture honesty.

- Vyacheslav - the difficult person. It to us has pulled about nerves, - the second director of a picture Alla Zabolotsky remembers. - It had the higher actor`s rate, 50 roubles, plus rehearsal, there were 75 roubles a day. We paid all to it exactly, but it seemed to it that we do not pay extra. He sat with the handle, recalculated...

Common language with Tikhonov was found only by Lioznova who long worked with the actor, conducted with it conversations, paid it the maximum attention, watched, that it had a good mood. It fostered it and adjusted: a pier, you will be well-known, this role - thy destiny. Psychological installation has worked. After a premiere Tikhonov became vsesojuzno well-known, but I was over-modest supposedly not the great actor, at me a type.

In a new film Daniel Strahov (on the right) plays young scout Isaeva a photo. And it quite manages to get used to an image of Stierlitz habitual to us!
a photo: RIA News .

is a film not about Stierlitz, and about victory of our people over fascism, - Vyacheslav Vasilevich underlines, - but I am glad that spectators have believed in my hero Isaeva and many thought that really there was such person.

secretary general Brezhnev, the first on a summer residence the looked finished shooting material, was impressed and has ordered to find for scout Isaeva, to present to a high award. Without having found the invented hero, Lenin`s order have handed over to Vyacheslav Tikhonov.

Who has thought up gait of Plejshneru?

- Who is the best from actors has played, in your opinion? - I have asked Lioznovu.

- Rostislav Pljatt! - usually avaricious Tatyana Mihajlovna has firmly responded to a praise. Is a surprising, gold person was.   when   We have arrived   after shootings to Moscow, he called every day and asked: the Mistress, well when we will start to work? already the picture has come to an end, and he grieved for work.

Evgenie Yevstigneyev was the Favourite of group.

- In teleinterview after Yevstigneyev Lioznova`s death has told that it she to it has thought up unusual, well-known gait of professor Plejshnera. And I was on a platform and saw that gait - its personal invention. Yevstigneyev carefully worked over image, put soul. And I have quarrelled with Lioznovoj who has appropriated   a find of the actor to itself. Since then we do not talk to it, - Alla Zabolotsky has told the second director.

Unfortunately, movie tests to to 17 instants of spring At studio were not saved. But our artist Dmitry Poluhin has presented, as could look in Stierlitz Archil Gomiashvili`s role (at the left) and Oleg Strizhenov.

In the first day of shootings Armored married...

In Leonid Bronevogo`s life a picture 17 instants of spring has played literally a mystical role. To its this film the film though offers were did not act in. Armored chose, on good luck has agreed to play at Lioznovoj. During this period has got acquainted with the girl. Has told to it that endures from - behind the first roles at cinema, and the bride helped to cram a role, executing on Stierlitz house readings. Armored was not mistaken neither with a choice of the first film work, nor with a choice of the wife - they to the present day together, for an anniversary of a film will note anniversary of marriage.

On shootings by a matchless counter in game Armored there was its nervous twitching by a head - costumiers have sewed a narrow collar to its uniform, and the actor did movements by a neck to weaken pressure.

- Why you have ceased to pull a neck? - Once has asked on shootings of Lioznova of the actor.

- And what, it is necessary to pull? - Was surprised Armored.

- Yes - yes so it is very good.

the Casual find became a colourful stroke to Muller`s character.

... And Gradova - has found the husband

Radistku Ket Ekaterina Gradova has played. Once at studio of Bitter in breaks between shootings of Gradova and Lioznova had dinner in buffet. The young man has sat down by them. Tatyana Mihajlovna with mischief has pushed the actress sideways: Katka, look, what handsome man, it suffices!

Gradova also has seized. Andrey Mironov who was acting in film in the next pavilion has appeared the handsome man. Soon actors have got married. At them the daughter Masha Mironov was born.

In a film 17 instants of spring at heroine Ekaterina Gradovoj one child, and it voluntary rescues the second and - according to the logic of a plot - for certain will adopt. In life the actress too took on education of the child from children`s home.

By the way very few people knows that at first an episode in which radistka Ket rescues two kids, removed not with real children, and with dolls. But Lioznova ordered to find the presents grudnichkov - that all was plausible.

Ranevskaya called for a role frau Zaurih...
the Photo: ITAR - TASS.


the Scout number one clone

Success of a film Lioznovoj 17 instants of spring was huge - when showed series, from streets of Moscow the people has swept away to TV screens. And here now the director " plans to repeat it; Liquidations Sergey Ursuljak. It is going to remove history of life of the scout in young years and to offer the spectator of new Isaeva performed by the actor of Daniel Strahova.

  - I did not do tests, actors of test injure, - tells Ursuljak. - But me it seems, I have not made the wrong choice the protagonist.

the Senior generation of actors has sceptically concerned idea to do the second Stierlitz.

- I will not watch a new film, - Vyacheslav Tikhonov has categorically noticed. - I consider it unnecessary.

- To me were converted, but I do not give advice, - is not less unequivocal in judgements and director Lioznova. - I did not like this invention, to look new Stierlitz I do not gather.

But, on the other hand, on all polls, the people will be glad to returning of the favourite hero. Eventually James Bond was played already by six (!) Different actors. And the image of this scout only has won. And Stierlitz than worse?!


For a leading role in a film, besides Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Archil Gomiashvili (Ostapa Bendera which have become famous for a role in " applied; Twelve chairs Gajdaja). At Lioznovoj and Gomiashvili for that period was the novel, they would like to work together. Archil has been assured: will receive a perspective role, but the top management has cut its nominee, having considered that the Caucasian has no chance to become the national hero. Gomiashvili has taken offence, has left in other city, soon married and has stopped with Lioznovoj of the relation (though as spoke, they planned to get married). Also the main scout of the country Oleg Strizhenov could play. It too was tried for Stierlitz role. But have confirmed for Tikhonov`s role, cinema-men spoke: it it is expressive will keep silent .

... But as a result of it has played Emilija Milton (in the centre).
the Photo: RIA News .

Ranevskaya has refused a role

Respectable frau Zaurih, on idea of the director, should personify the woman - mother who understood Stierlitz, and only Isaev strict and clasped on all buttons trusted it secret thoughts, slightly opened to it a soul. This drama role wrote under Fainu Ranevskaya. But it, having read the scenario, has told that the role incidental and could not be played there.

As the actress persuaded - flowers home sent, written requests, - Ranevskaya has not awarded with the participation a picture.

Zaurih in a film has played Emilija Milton.

to Leonid Kuravlyov offered Hitler`s bit part. But test has not turned out. Lioznova began to try the actor   for a role esesovtsa Aisman. To Kuravlyov have stuck a small hump on a nose, have made a bandage approximately and have set the task: that it one eye burnt the partner in a shot literally. The characteristic character has turned out.

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