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Behind thrills go to the Tver cinemas

For family viewing - an adventure cartoon film the Alarm in the Himalayas . In a palace not life, and continuous dream. All day long all court only also do that do nothing. Emperor Frants and its wife Lizi - the extravagant couple, the first rich men of kingdom. To have a good time, they burn down money, play a golf truffles and are kidding over servants. In this kingdom all are cheerful and happy. But once happens improbable - Lizi have stolen. All inhabitants of a palace rush on searches. They are waited well by very extreme outcome.

And for adventurouses in the Tver hire a film Mirrors . The maestro of horrors Alexander Adzha ( hills have eyes the Bloody harvest ) Has pleased spectators with the new creation. The retired policeman gets a job the night security guard in burnt down department store Mayflower . Bypassing the possession at night, Ben starts to notice any ominous figures which appear in mirrors. Then similar things start to occur and in mirrors of its car, and in the house of his wife. Through a mirror something gets into the house that wants to destroy his family. The policeman should stop IT

Addresses and phones of cinemas:

the Star Tver, Stepan Razin`s quay, 1. Ph. (4822) 777 - 181. An answering machine: (4822 777 - 180, 777 - 610, 777 - 620, 777 - 630.

Tver Tver, pr - t Lenin, 10. Ph.: (4822 740 - 152, 740 - 170, 740 - 003.