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Who will go on a city with a flag in hands?

at engineer Igor Popova in an arsenal of the whole three flags. Houses - a flag of the Tyumen region and a red banner. These are gifts of father Alexander Borisovicha. The passing banner with Lenin`s image has appeared at Popova - the senior when the military part in which it ministered, helped to lift a virgin soil in Kazakhstan. A flag of the Tyumen region, of three metres and width in ones and a half, - an award to Alexander Borisovichu for good service. The third, small Russian trikolor, Igor has bought during one of feasts. Since then carries it in the car.

- the Flag of Russia on a universal review I do not expose, as well as georgievskuju a ribbon in a Victory Day. This symbolics for me, instead of for public, - Igor " has told; - I Establish trikolor on a back seat of the car only on the state feasts and Days of a city.
- as thy friends react to such collection of flags?
- special surprise my collection does not call. Now many get symbolics of Russia, a city, area. Someone - for a gift, someone - from patriotic promptings. But when I have arrived on   automobile game the Alarm devoted Vtoromaju, with the present passing banner, all have been surprised.

As the true patriot and the football fan, Igor, certainly, lifted the flags during Euro - 2008. Had no objection to support thus and our national team in Beijing, but is afraid that for good intentions can obtain the penalty. It is good that it can be made today, celebrating Day of National flag of the Russian Federation.

When it is possible to lift the Russian flag?

Vyacheslav of CRESTS, the public prosecutor of department on supervision of observance of the federal legislation of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Tyumen region, the candidate of jurisprudence:
- the Federal constitutional law About National flag of the Russian Federation It is established that the flag can be hung out on buildings of public associations, the enterprises, establishments and the organisations, and also on apartment houses in days of the state feasts of Russia. It turns out that the fans who are pouring out on street after matches with flags, operate illegally.
now it is offered to add the law with article 9. 1, which use of National flag of the Russian Federation, including its image, in other cases if such use is not violation of National flag " is supposed;. The given project will be submitted to State Duma consideration in September of this year.

From archive

Infringement of requirements of the law About National flag of the Russian Federation attracts administrative responsibility, violation of a flag - a criminal liability. Law action was tested on themselves by three inhabitants of area.
- In February of this year the chief Jarkovsky road it is repair - building management Victor Zalesov has paid the penalty at a rate of 1 000 roubles for the fact of long use (during more half a year) National flag of Russia and a flag of the Tyumen region in enterprise territory .
- Hardly earlier, in December of last year, it was necessary to pay the penalty and to the director of the market Suburban to Vitaly Besogonovu. The same reason: long use of national flag of Russia on a facade of a building of the market.
- in May of last year Anton Grebenkov on a light garland has climbed up a balcony of the second floor of office Rostehinventarizatsija - Federal BTI has broken a flag and has thrown it on the earth. It has received six months of imprisonment for a criminal conduct conditionally with a trial period two years. Besides, it is forbidden to Grebenkovu to visit pleasure and entertaining institutions, to appear in public places with 21 to 6 o`clock in the morning.

Day of the Russian flag will note guljanijami

Exactly at 12 o`clock Moscow time in all places of commemorating simultaneous mass execution of the Hymn of the Russian Federation will take place. Accordingly, in Tyumen it will occur in   14 hours.   celebratory action will pass in Color parkway. Will act ensemble   Russian national tools Vatalinka theatre of a variety song. In the program - products of patriotic subjects.
during the same time the feast will be developed on other platforms. Competition of drawings on asphalt I draw native land will pass on the recreation centre area the Water-transport worker (the item Cape). Street guljanie Freedom. Fidelity. Courage - at DKiT the Peatbog (the item Tarmany). Simultaneously two libraries will give talks about the state symbols of Russia. Come in Central city library on Lunacharsky`s street, 51 and to branch 8 on street Northern, 2.

the Inquiry

the Beginning of commemorating of Day of National flag of the Russian Federation was necessary the decree of the president 1714 from August, 20th, 1991. Since then we mark this feast every year on August, 22nd.

the Russian flag lies on a roof

About it to us indignant reader Yaroslav has informed. He has told that national flag lies on a roof of a two-storeyed building along the street Refrigerating, 65 for a long time already. Rather unpleasant fact on the eve of a feast.
representatives of shop Door & Floor which is to the specified address, to us have informed that a premise occupy for a long time. But whence the flag on a roof undertook, do not know. However, by the time of our call they already were well informed - they were called too by Yaroslav. Employees have promised to clean an ownerless symbol.