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Us poison!

on the night of Wednesday I, escaping from a heat, has opened a window. But instead of night freshness in apartment such wave of chemical aroma that would be desirable, as at the command " has rolled; gases to crash down on a floor, having put to a nose a wet rag. The three-year daughter has there and then woken up and very much to a place has murmured a domestic curse: Vonjuchka! . In the morning all family has woken up with a headache.

- Again at factories emissions! - the people in minibuses at the top of the voice were indignant.     and on our editorial planerke half of employees coughed, as though has swallowed some sand.

It any more the gas attack first for a week. On Sunday evening cheljabinets has photographed from the window clubs of a black smoke which lasted from a pipe in area CHGRES. The sky has clouded a veil, as after explosion. Townspeople, strainedly coughing, battened down windows. When the smog has resolved, black flakes have settled on cars and trees. The TV channel " has shown the video record; East express train . But any (!) The official has not given to journalists of the distinct answer that for factory and which poison fumigates townspeople.

Us poison during week-end when nobody can measure air pollution level!

Factories smoke, while the checking have a rest?

We have shown video to our expert - to the employee of one of large prompredprijaty Chelyabinsk.

- on Sunday of laboratory do not do gaugings of the maintenance of harmful substances in air. And consequently quite often during week-end from factory pipes especially harmful emissions fly, - he confirms. - they can contain a pitch - the dangerous substance calling malignant tumours. Judging by character of a smoke on video, it is possible to assume, what exactly the pitch poisoned townspeople.
- on Sunday gaugings of the maintenance of harmful substances in air are not spent, at us the day off, - have confirmed to us in Chelyabinsk the centre on hydrometeorology and environment monitoring. - on Wednesday of excess of maximum permissible concentration of harmful substances in atmosphere it is not fixed. However, night gaugings are spent only once - at o`clock in the morning, at times - in seven mornings. So if emission do, for example, at two o`clock in the morning till seven o`clock the smog can dissipate. And indicators any more do not exceed norm.

the Last some days of laboratory fix surplus dioksida nitrogen and formaldehyde in the Chelyabinsk air. But the data about maximum concentration limit excess (maximum permissible concentration) harmful substances is passed in authorities, only if norms are exceeded ten times! Ponder! It turns out, if poisons in air in total In eight - times more, than the human body can digest nine, anybody in Chelyabinsk will not beat alarm!          
for emissions will punish nobody?  
- Two years ago the city has got modern ambulatory laboratory for measurement of concentration of harmful substances in atmosphere, - the assistant to the first deputy of the head of Chelyabinsk Dmitry Eremin speaks. - the Laboratory repeatedly fixed that in some areas of maximum concentration limit is exceeded in times! We regularly pass results of monitoring in Rostehnadzor - unique   the organisation which has the right to check how treatment facilities on prompredprijatijah work to apply sanctions. But to any reaction yet does not follow.  

Journalists have rung round supervising bodies, including Rostehnadzor. Any of them does not try to find out, who the originator of dreadful emissions this week. As though anything also was not!

- Industrialists that start up in atmosphere of ton of poisonous gases, and officials who him do not disturb, breathe other air, - Oleg Ivans, the participant of movement " has explained to us cheljabinets; Green Peace . - They live in country houses, in non-polluting zones. And business of the authorities to understand with them. And it is time to public men to prepare a large-scale protest action against this, literally, persecution.

Questions to the authorities

- Who nevertheless otvetstven what we choke with a smoke?

- When at last our city becomes purer?

- Why gaugings of cleanliness of air in Chelyabinsk are so inefficiently conducted?

we Will fill up officials with complaints!    
Each townspeople have the right to voice the claims to quality of our air. The written complaint can be brought personally or to direct by mail in Rostehnadzor on the Chelyabinsk area to the address: Lenin`s avenue, 83.
Perhaps the shaft of complaints from cheljabintsev will force officials to accept though any measures?