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Open children`s competition of a sandy sculpture

Here already in the Botanical garden of the Moscow State University in the city centre of Muscovites and visitors of capital is pleased more than month with the products of sculptors executed from sand. Masterpieces of sandy works for our widths the unusual. This art in 80 - h years of last century at ocean coasts of America where a material for sandy sculptures though take away has arisen. At us to exotic sculptors   was more habitual to model from ice. So was until once sculptors   have not taken part in the World championship on erection of sandy sculptures. This employment has so grasped our creators that now, in breaks between winter creations, they erect the sand cities occupied sand freakish and not so animal.

Since August, 2nd every Saturday in 12. 00 open competition among children on a sandy sculpture is held. Small sculptors for participation in it prepare sketches of the future products on a subject the Surprising world of the nature and independently create the sandy composition - the professional sculptor can help only advice.     on the City Day - the big charitable feast where on a level with winners of selection tours pupils from art schools will compete on September, 6th will take place.

We invite our readers - more correctly kiddies of our readers, those whom from 6 to 14 years, to take part in the ending of competition which will take place on September, 13th at 12 o`clock in the afternoon in Botanical a Moscow State University garden. The sketch of the future work on a subject The surprising world of the nature direct to the address conkurs@.   we publish the Best works on a site and we give possibility to readers to vote for the pleasant. The sketches which have typed nabolshee quantity of voices, will be worthy embodiments.   all finalists will receive memorable gifts from organizers, including sets for children`s creativity from the Network   specialised shops the Orange elephant

And to look and be excited   already ready works it is possible already now to the address:

the BOTANICAL GARDEN of the Moscow State University the Pharmaceutical Kitchen garden

Mira prospectus, vl. 26 (the underground Mira prospectus)

the Operating time with 10. 00 to 22. 00

Cost of the ticket of 150 roubles, children to 7 - to it of years and invalids -   free of charge privilege ticket (pensioners, students, schoolboys) - 50 rbl.

the Photo from a site www. osd. ru