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Nizhegorodets has died, having eaten crude poganok

After days of abiding in resuscitation 60 - summer nizhegorodets has died in toksikotsentre. As doctors inform, it was the first case of a poisoning pale pogankoj in our area. Unfortunately, to rescue the man and it was not possible.

- It have brought on Tuesday evening in very grave condition, - has informed the correspondent - NN managing the toxicological centre at hospital 33 Svetlana MUDROVA. - Before, truth, the patient delivered in infectious hospital - it had all signs of an intestinal infection: the diarrhoeia, vomiting

Nizhegorodets was very bad. Before fainting, he has told to doctors that ate crude mushrooms which itself and collected in wood. On a question: What for the crude ate, it is necessary to boil them? has responded that he always eats them crude - they, ostensibly, and are called buterbrodniki .

- are By sight similar to white umbrellas, - the patient has explained.

And the blood test of the patient has shown - the poisoning with poison pale poganki is available. On Wednesday evening nizhegorodets has run in whom and then has died, and without having recovered consciousness.
- I want to remind mushroom pickers once again: pale poganka it is very artful! - Svetlana Mudrova speaks. - Quite often it masks under edible russulas, umbrellas.

therefore it is necessary to approach to gathering of mushrooms very carefully: has noticed something suspicious - throw out, do not feel sorry! And any syroedenija! Necessarily boil wood meat before the use, broth pour out. See, than the crude dinner at our patient

has ended