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In Beijing Elena Zadorozhnuju have refused to treat

the Irkutsk athlete, the participant of the Olympic games Elena Zadorozhnaja arrives to Irkutsk on August, 22nd though planned on August, 24th. Who does not know, we will remind that on the Olympic Games in Beijing on 11 - j to minute of competitions on running on a distance of 5 thousand in m (it is it koronnaja a distance) Elena Zadorozhnaja has sharply stopped and has seized for a foot though at first ran well. All thought, well when it will make leap to escape. Suddenly it has seized for a chest and began to lag behind, it has begun to rock. The sportswoman has reached a lawn, has fallen to knees.

It on a stretcher directly from stadium was taken out by doctors. It meant one: qualification has not passed and, means, will not participate in running.
versions that could happen at once fell down: oxygen starvation, a trauma ahilovogo sinews...

Elena`s Husband, and in combination and its trainer Anatoly Tsvetkov has called at once the spouse to Beijing.
  - Called to it late at night, she has told that the anguish has turned out where - that between a muscle and a sinew. But now it`s OK, have imposed plaster, - Anatoly TSVETKOV tells.

Journalists looked this running together with Elena`s father - Anatoly Sergeevichem.
- If only the wife did not see, - Elena Zadorozhnoj`s father speaks. - it after all had already similar situation: many years ago at competitions it also has fallen. Then the Chinese masseur was guilty. It has pressed to it any painful points and at it feet have simply refused. Lenka then it was long treated in Moscow.
in China to treat Elena gathered nobody. It should do all diagnostics in Irkutsk.
- who there will treat it? About what you? In Beijing all is very expensive! - Anatoly has with astonishment said.

Zadorozhnoj have rendered only first aid. You want to be treated further - pay.
- we without problems have renewed tickets, - Anatoly speaks. - as will arrive, at once on an appointment: Ultrasonic of muscles to make and MRT (magnitno - a resonant tomography) feet.
- by phone Lena has told that many sportsmen complained of closeness, - remembers one of telephone conversations the father beguni. - Lena went often to masseurs, thought that was restored, and here the such... I at all do not like to look competitions to its participation: I worry.

And now for Elena are stirred all: Anastas Mihajlovna`s her mother, brother Maxim, the husband and, certainly, two-year little son Eugene. Leaving to Beijing, Lena counted on one of three medals. In Irkutsk on a press - conferences she spoke:
is the Olympic Games for me it is very important. I have proved to everything that after a birth have not finished career. That I can and I will train top-level.
it is necessary to tell that on last summer Olympic games in Athenes Elena on the same distance became the fourth, and this time, intended to enter into a three of winners.

P. S. Wishes Elena Zadorozhnoj the prompt recover and the further victories in sports.