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Rottweiler zagryz the son of the owners

In village Karsy that the present universal mourning is located in twenty kilometres from Troitsk. On Wednesday here buried eight-year Eugene Vetoshkina, which zagryzla own dog, a Rottweiler on a nickname of Reks.

At entrance to Karsy all road is covered by colours. From a cemetery to the house of Vetoshkinyh - distance remote but to find the house it has appeared simply on   to natural flowers. To say goodbye to the boy all inhabitants of the big village have come. Anybody plainly does not know details, the militia while finds out incident details.

- On Monday evening, in the beginning of the sixth, the mistress of the house has come from work, - the chief of staff OVD on Troitsk municipal area lieutenant colonel Alexander Lezin has told. - Left on a backyard and has seen a terrible picture: near a dog her son, downwards the person lay. The dog thus sat easy. The woman has dragged the child. The boy was still live, though its throat was literally peregryzeno.

On shout of poor mother neighbours have come running. Have called Fast . The director of a local economy, without waiting physicians, has carried the boy in hospital. neotlozhku they have met already almost on entrance to a city. But after a while, in an accident ward, the boy has died without regaining consciousness.

- Behind the house of Vetoshkinyh our local boys always gather, - the local boy, 11 - summer Serezhka Poezzhalov has told to us. - We there in football play. Well and on Monday, as always, we there gathered. ZHenka then was with the friend, arrived to stay for a while to the grandmother from Chelyabinsk. Speak, they have quarrelled strongly. Have then escaped on the court yard. And there continued to swear. Even began to throw stones each other. Like one of stones would get to Eugene, it had a blood, and the dog has reacted to its smell and...

Serezha Poezzhalov shows a place where there was a tragedy.
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the Father of the boy has cut a dog an axe and has dragged on a dump. But now a corpse of an animal have taken away for examination. What for it do, after all the boy you will not return?

- It is necessary to learn, a leah the Rottweiler has been infected by furiousness or any other illness, - experts have explained to us. - illness could become the reason of sudden aggression of a dog to the boy whom she knew many years.   the occasion will force owners of others bojtsovskih dogs to carry investigation of the pupils.


the Dog has gone mad of life on a chain

- Reks has gone mad from the way of life, - dog breeders speak. - he sat four years on a chain!   and after all it is a Rottweiler! Movement is necessary for this breed. And the big physical activities, that to eat its aggression.

By the way, neighbours of Vetoshkinyh say that last two weeks Reks constantly barked and howled, that earlier with it never was.